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6/8/2010 5:14:59 PM Mail and Fixes
Web-based mail may now only be sent from one user to another when they are associated either by 1) membership as associates or higher in the same guild or 2) membership as associates or higher in allied guilds. This has been done to prevent gold-seller spam. A bug preventing editing the intro ... Read Full Item
5/17/2010 6:48:07 PM Aion Abyss Widget and More
A new widget called Aion Abyss Status is available for Aion guilds.  It can be added to any of your pages through the Control Panel by selecting Pages and Content, selecting a page, clicking Add Widget, and then selecting Aion Abyss Status from the drop-down list of available widget types. ... Read Full Item
5/12/2010 4:03:04 PM Add-On Update and More
The GPHelper add-on for World of Warcraft guilds has been updated to version 1.50.  You can download the latest version by clicking the link at the bottom of the GuildPortal home page, or by going into your Control Panel and clicking WoW Integration.  You will need to install the latest... Read Full Item
4/30/2010 7:00:07 PM Two New Widgets and More
First, the Recent Topics Stand-Alone widget has been added.  While the forums currently have a listing of the most recently added posts (and there's a stand-alone widget for it, as well), this new one lists the most recently added topics. Next, the Silverlight gallery that was previously ... Read Full Item
4/29/2010 6:11:19 PM Guild Calendar Now Imported from WoW
It's been a busy week for the GPHelper WoW add-on, for sure.  We're hoping to make up for the frustration with broken download links, invalid "version out of date" messages, and all that by announcing that another new feature has been added.  The add-on will now synchronize your guild w... Read Full Item
4/23/2010 6:41:27 PM GPHelper Add-On for WoW Update
The WoW Add-On (GPHelper) has been updated.  It now imports guild bank items correctly.  Instructions on using the add-on, including the download link, are both in the Control Panel under WoW Integration.
4/16/2010 6:47:58 PM Three New Widgets Go Live!
That's right, the feature list just had triplets! Member of the Month. With this widget placed on any of your site's pages, members can vote on other members that they feel deserve being called the member of the month (or called out, depending on your guild's particular type of humor). It ... Read Full Item
4/16/2010 9:23:37 AM Quick Update
The WoW Server Status widget is now also available for European guilds.
4/15/2010 4:08:00 PM Wow Server Status
A new widget called "WoW Server Status" is available for you to add to any of your site's pages, if you're a WoW guild playing on a US server.  At the moment there's no feed we know of for the EU and Russian server status info that we can tap into, so that's why you're left out for the time ... Read Full Item
4/9/2010 7:09:26 PM Login Bar Customization and New Videos
The Login Bar can now be styled in in the Control Panel, under Style Stools -> General Style Settings -> Login Bar.  It's the area that lets your users log in or invites non-logged in visitors to join your site, and contains links to their blog, chat, mail, and settings.  Previous... Read Full Item