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4/8/2010 4:48:03 PM New Achievements System Goes Live
A new Achievements system is going live with today's code push.  From the Control Panel, click Member Management, and then Achievements. Achievements are configured by administrators to automatically award members of your site for their participation on the site. You can choose from the d... Read Full Item
4/6/2010 4:29:13 PM Ventrilo Servers Now Available!
Ventrilo voice servers are now available directly from! To get yours started, go to your guild's Control Panel and click on Ventrilo Server. Here are the reasons to choose GuildPortal to host your Ventrilo server: Some of the lowest prices around. Easy configuration an... Read Full Item
3/30/2010 6:24:06 PM Champions Online Auto-Rosters Go Live!
Champions Online Auto-Rosters Go Live! Super Groups now have rosters that are fully integrated with Cryptic's XML data feeds, providing hands-free, up-to-date roster info on members of your Super Groups.  You don't need to do anything to activate it.  If you have a roster widg... Read Full Item
3/26/2010 12:09:18 PM Many Updates!
Many updates have been made, most in response to support tickets: The mail system has been reverted back to the previous implementation, due to demand. The Custom Content Box (widget) image for the top right fader is now saving correctly. Performance enhancements have been made... Read Full Item
3/12/2010 6:55:06 PM Raid Point (DKP) Standings Enhancements
The Raid Point Standings widget has been given a boost in functionality with today's code push!  While the widget on a page displays much as it has before, clicking on it will open a dialog with a log of drops the member has paid out DKP for, manual adjustments made by events admins, and&nbs... Read Full Item
3/11/2010 3:13:18 PM New Web Mail UI
A new web-based mail interface goes live with today's push!  The new UI brings GuildPortal's mail up to date with some of the more intuitive mail systems out there, offering grouping, improved sorting, and simplified custom folder creation.  It no longer requires a dedicated tab, as... Read Full Item
3/4/2010 4:39:22 PM Custom Event Roles and More
Custom Event Roles top the list of items included with tonight's code push.  Click the Edit button under your calendar and then click the "Custom Roles" link at the top of the editor window.  This allows you to add to the list of default event roles like DPS, tank, healer, etc.  In... Read Full Item
3/3/2010 12:06:39 PM Subscribing Helps, but there is More You Can Do!
Most of you know that since December of 2003, GuildPortal has been donating $1 from every guild web site subscription and subscription renewal to Food for the Hungry, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing relief services to the poor, including emergency assistance and educational progr... Read Full Item
3/2/2010 7:04:32 PM A Thanks and a Push
First, thanks to everyone for your patience during the recent updates.  They were by far, the most extensive and complicated set of changes to the infrastructure during all of GuildPortal's time online.  We apologize for the constant revisions we needed to make to the estimates. Now,... Read Full Item
2/26/2010 2:31:53 PM Chat Room Enhancements and Blog Fixes
Links to blogs from the most recent blog entries widget, as well as links to your own blog in both the top and side nav areas have been fixed. Also, upon entering guild chat rooms, you are shown the help command.  When you type it in, you can see the available slash commands for chatting.... Read Full Item