Becoming a Legionnaire

The Doom Supremacy is an established online gaming community that is10 years in the running. We have a tried-and-true recruitment process to make sure we graduate solid members with similar ideals to our own. We put an emphasis on teaming and having fun. It is not difficult to make it through the process, we have a network of officers and leaders who are there to assist you along the way. If you have any questions or if we can help in any way please don't hesitate to ask.

How to apply to Doom in 3 simple steps
1) Doom Channel- If you are not already on the Doom Channel, look for an officer online for an invite.

2) Recruitment Form- fill out this quick application letting the officers know about you. Be sure to use your Global Chat handle on the form. For example: Your global chat handle is "@SteelVictim" and character's name in-game is "Cyborg-Ninja". Please list your username as "SteelVictim" for the website.

3) Introductory Post- post a short introduction about yourself on the forum for our members to know a little bit about you.

Basic Requirments

  • Recruits should be 18 years or older (though very few exceptions have been permitted)
  • Please be an energetic, well-rounded individual with a great personality.
  • Read over the Laws of Doom.If there are any issues, we refer to the Laws of Doom for policy and procedure guidelines.
  • Be an active member on the website and forums. The forums are how we keep members up to date with what is happening in the group.
  • Be an active participant with a willingness to team with members often. Our SG is about camaraderie, being supportive SG members, and having fun together.
  • Obey the Laws of Doom, the SG uniform code, and all member regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Members must be committed to Doom Supremacy.
  • We are accepting applicants at any time but to be included in that month's recruitment period window, your application must be processed on the 1st - 15th of that month.

Thank you for applying. We truely appreciate your interest in our community. See you in-game! 

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