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Role-play Guilds Listing

Good Guilds

Guild Name  Role-play Level
Brief Description

Order of the Silver Tree


The Order of the Silver Tree is a small good aligned guild on LDL. We are casual in /gu but enjoy role-playing with others and have hosted small events in the past.
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Evil Guilds

Guild Name  Role-play Level
Brief Description
Blood of Hate Medium Followers of the Will of Hate.  Innoruuk and the Queen are but tools to be used in the quest to spread Hate to every heart on Norrath and beyond.  (More Information)

Neutral Guilds

Guild Name  Role-play Level
Brief Description
Anello Esuli High Anello's Place in Gorowyn is a cozy little establishment that, while not seedy, is most definitely not high society either. (More Information)
 Aphelion  High In a nutshell, you may think of Aphelion as a cross between concepts within:  The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, the X-Men, and the Sci-Fi Show Sanctuary.  We oppose threats to the greater good of Norrath, but also to the greater good of those who might be housed within.  (More Information)
Insurrection High in·sur·rec·tion : an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebelion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.  Insurrection of Norrath; to topple each individual power and seize it back for the people.  Insurrection is made of four departments that help to achieve our common goals. Whether you be assassin, archeologist, warrior or healer, there is a place for you within our organization.  (More Information)

Phoenix Eternus
 Med-High Phoenix Eternus is a Neutral RP Guild on the Lucan server. (IC) Phoenix Eternus is dedicated to preserving Norrath's history by finding all that was lost during the rending.  (ooc) We enjoy questing together, having guild hunts (preferably IC, though not every time) and just having fun. Our guild mission allows our members to have their own personal storylines be it good or evil without it iterfering in the guild's general storyline. We are a small guild, level 32, and hoping to grow with good people.(More Information)

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