6. Recruits and Promotion


DOT / DOT-E will not be heavily recuiting, as we do not wish to become a huge guild.

However, we are ok for bringing fresh members into the guild who are friends of existing members, people our members have played / RPed with before (here or previous MMOs), or are especially seeking a small / casual enviroinment and are a suitable fit to DOT's ethos.

Please have the Interested Party first read all the links in this Important Info box. If they agree to the Guild Mission Statement and Guild Rules and still wish to join us, to use the "Join DOT" link in the Log In banner above and complete the application form in full, as well as contact one of our Officers in game so we can discuss their application.

The application will be directed to our Officer forums for review. If sucessessful, the applicant will be accepted here on the website and invited to the guild in game as a Recruit for a trial period.


I appreciate the majority of us don't have all the time in the world to dedicate to gaming, yet if members of the guild are looking to move up the ranks, promotion will be based a members individual merits, effort, and involvement with the guild.

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