1. Who Are DOT/Kindred?

The Kindred began as a DAoC roleplaying guild circa 2001-2. We toured Star Wars Galaxies (when it was still good ) as citizens of Phoenix, Rori and Be Serat Slaret, Tatooine. We took a brief stint as a troll clan in pre-Burning Crusade WoW, then went our separate ways in a number of different games before and eventually regrouping in LotRO, on Laurelin.

In LotRO, RL time concerns led to roleplay moving down the Kindred list of priorities; this lighter RP trend continued in WAR. A few of us went on to Hyboria, Age of Conan on Hyrkania where there was a serverwide drive in the RP community from one of us; although once again our Kindred parted due to RL and differing gaming desires.

Today most of us are casual RP'ers -- we're happy to engage in roleplay where we find it, but major events and GM guided or plotlines of our own are no longer a main priority. We fully respect and honor which ever roleplaying community we reside in at the time.

April 2011 - Our most recent regrouping will be in Star Wars: The Old Republic, under the guild name "DOT" on an EU : RP-PvE server once it launches.
September 2011 - DOT - Mission Statement - Guild overview that has developed since we created the guild in the Pre-Launch GuildHQ on swtor.com
December 2011 - DOT enters SWTOR on Trask Ulgo.
June 2012 - DOT and DOT-E migrate to The Progenitor.
August 2012 - small number of DOT members, as The Kindreds, shifted to Guild Wars2 on Piken Square

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