5. Factoid

Background & facts about Holowood Galactic Studios

1. Holowood Galactic Studios is an Entertainment Studio. (( It is the Star Wars equivalent of the Paramount Pictures, Ford Models, and MGM )). HGS hires talented individuals in the field of acting, medicine, combat arts, trade, and shipping. (( HGS members role play as bodyguards, personal trainers, doctors, costume designers, stunt coordinators or anything that their imagination lends itself to )).

2. HGS was created a few years after the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War.

3. Although HGS was recently introduced to the galactic stage, it has earned its notoriety as the “Premier Entertainment Studio” within the Alliance and Imperial radar. Despite rumors of its members being spice addicts, its members are committed to being professional performers (( ATK )).

4. HGS is often asked to perform for other companies, organizations, cities, and even politicians. These events include birthday parties, city anniversaries, venue openings, event planning, wedding performances, and holiday celebrations. HGS is also one of the few entertainment studios that is authorized by Imperial authorities to deal directly with criminal organizations such as the one operated by Jabba the Hutt.

5. The current top leader of HGS are Nallu Koras, who serve as President. Below her are the HGS Officers who are delegated with own responsibilities.

6. Each HGS employee, including all combat trainers, are given work permits (( job title )). Unbeknownst to the studio, some employees find it useful in distracting Rebel Intelligence and or Imperial Authorities.

7. HGS received official Lightsaber & Jedi Costume Accreditation from Inquisitor Adalric Cessius Brandl. The Studio uses top quality lightsaber prop replicas and authentic Jedi and factional costumes. Certain films require actors to take on the role of Jedi or a member of a specific faction. It will be the duty of the costume designers to produce the most authentic wardrobe that can be produced.

8. Once Emperor Palatine rose to power and instituted the Galactic Empire, new xenophobic policies cost many non-human sentients their livelihoods. Early on, HGS was created as an underdog entertainment studio, hiring aliens who could not find work within the mainstream media due to the widespread discrimination against non-humans.

9. The studio is on diplomatic terms with Emperor
Palpatine. He carefully monitors each film produced and tries to coerce the studio to produce propaganda pieces that he believes will restore order and help to crush the Rebel force's efforts to recruit new members. The studio is also on diplomatic terms with members of the Rebellion, who are determined to use the fame and talents of HGS to help put an end Palpatine's tyrannical reign and restore freedom to fellow discriminated aliens.

10. The studio does its best to remain out of the Galactic Civil War. Allegiance to a particular faction is bad for business and cuts off work opportunities. However, there are individual Imperial loyalist and Rebel sympathizers secretly embedded within the studio. Under the guise of an employee within an entertainment studio, some members serve the Alliance undercover or serve the Empire vigilantly. Some members use celebrity staged rivalry, petty holonet tabloids, or play dumb to distract the Imperial authorities and or Rebel intelligence from their true motives.

11. Jabba the Hutt has issued a statement saying [in Huttese]  “This studio is my kind of thing to watch, entertaining and thrilling. I will personally see to it that every single member come perform at my palace. Ho, ho ho ho ho... Bring me Denali and the Playdosh model”.

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