1. Role Playing with HGS

We are a guild based on respect for whom we play with. We understand that role playing is for the joy of the story, a mutually co-operative endeavor.

We strive to maintain good will in the Starsider role play community and look forward to role playing with other guilds, cities and organizations. Role play communication is paramount and OOC relationships are what is important to us.

As an Entertainment Studio, HGS is a non-aggressive guild. We will not partake in guild wars and IC GCW battles.

This is a general guildline on how to role play with Holowood Galactic Studio members.

OOC Consent Requirement
Players must ask for consent (permission) from HGS members whenever they want to engage in these type of role play scenarios, which include but are not limited to:
  • Issued Bounties: Setting a bounty issued for capture or retrieval of on one of our members.
  • Permadeath: Forcing one of our members to kill his / her character.
  • Role play Capture: Kidnapping or enslaving one of our members.
  • Role play Torture: Forcing one of our members to role play and /emote IC torture; act by which severe pain or suffering is inflicted, whether physical or physiological.
  • Trials: Forcing one of our members to stand trial.
    • Trial Outcomes: Fines, imprisonment, torture.
  • Intra-guild Plots: HGS Officers must be contacted for the following RP scenarios:
    • Intra-guild Storylines: Complex guild storylines need to have consent and confirmation from entire HGS guild.
    • Slavery: Forcing entire Studio to be a slaves for said player or NPC client.
    • Forced Contracts: Forcing entire Studio into an unwanted performance contract.

Players who choose not to contact us OOCly regarding plots and try to ICly force our members into unwanted storylines will be ignored by the guild as a whole unless individual members choose to interact with them. Should they attempt role playing said plot, it will be assumed their character is dead or does not exist.

The 'Do Not's' when RPing with HGS
The following actions are prohibited when role playing with HGS members:
  • Metagaming: Using OOC information for an IC advantage.
  • Grandstanding: Repeatedly using extreme measures for an IC advantage.
  • Non-Consensual Aggressive Acts: Attacking someone randomly without prior discussion OOC.
  • Projecting: Telling someone else how their character should react.
  • Godmoding: Making a character equal in power to major canonical figures, such as the Darth Vader, Exar Kun, Han Solo, or Crix Madine.
  • Power Emoting: Role playing both an action and its result on another character. Emotes against another should only specify an action — let the other player decide the result.

Disputes with HGS Members
  • Disputes with members of HGS are ideally handled and resolved by those individual parties. However, if they cannot come to their own resolution, HGS Acting Guild Leaders can serve as mediators. They may attempt to mediate a settlement between the involved members, or choose to refer the matter to the rest of the officers. In any case, they do not have the ability to impose a unilateral judgment or settlement. If you have an issue with our member(s), contact: Nallu, 'Sakkra, or Stizzi.

Respect & Tolerance
Most of what people want is respect & tolerance. We are all different so that means different things to different people but we would like to urge players to consider the following whenever you type Out Of Character:
  • Some around you are as young as 8, others old enough to be your grandmother.
  • Some are dying, recovering from major operations, suffering from chronic pain, caring for sick relatives, looking after young children.
  • Some don't know if their job will be there next month, have money problems, just stressed over deadlines for days, are harassed by their boss.
  • Some are divorcing, feeling guilt over affairs, had their partner just dump them, fret over whether any boy / girl will go out with them.
  • Some feel suicidal, have hormones rushing through them, are bullied, are extremely shy.
  • Some are fervent Christians / Jews / other religions. Others are complete Atheists.
  • Some are right wing, some liberals, some have anarchistic political ideals.
  • Some are homosexual, others hate homosexuality.
  • We are of many different nationalities & cultures.
  • Some don't have English as a native language.
In the end we don't all have to like each other, don't all have to role play with each other. But it would be good if we remember that role playing is different from other aspects of the game. In role play the players aren't winners or losers unless someone gets upset enough that they leave.

We separate ourselves from our characters, usually using brackets to indicate Out-Of-Character type. We can thus play with people that perhaps we wouldn't enjoy talking with in real-life. Role playing with Holowood Galactic Studios

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