B. A Brief Summary of the Golden Age and the GAH

What are the The Golden Age Heroes Supergroups and the Golden Age?

The Golden Age Heroes began as a single supergroup started on the City of Heroes Virtue server in September 2004. What began as a small group growing slowly over it's first 18 months soon saw a number of moderate to large expansions. Today, the Golden Age Heroes maintains a roster of over 100 "characters" played by nearly 70 players. The Golden Age Heroes (usually referred to as the "GAH") collectively refers to the group's two main divisions - each a separate supergroup of their own in-game, treated as one large supergroup. Additionally the GAH maintains active coalitions with a number of supergroups who compliment our theme as well as villain groups tied to the character's overall stories.

The two branches of the GAH are:

The Gods of the Golden Age (GGA)
The Young Gods of the Golden Age (YGA)

Characters applying to the GAH should make sure to understand which branch best fits their hero. Each branch also strives to maintain an independent theme, while at the same time aligning itself with a single Vision:

We are the Golden Age Heroes. Champions of the ideals first set forth by the brighter heroes of yesterday. Justice, Liberty, and Integrity are our watchwords, the foundation of our beliefs, and the promise of the future we all strive to achieve.

Though each of us remain a unique representation of those ideals, we all share the vision, and vow to keep it alive through our words and actions. We will not bend in the face of adversity. We will stand with each other and protect these beliefs with all our might.

The team that began the GAH, the Gods of the Golden Age - or GGA, is populated by heroes who hold true the ideals set forth from the brighter times of yesterday. Some of our members are lifted straight from the era most commonly associated with the Golden Age, while others have been strongly influenced by the deeds of those past heroes. An excerpt taken from the GGA Mission Statement provides a strong example of the heroes contained with this division:

The GGA upholds the Vision of the Golden Age Heroes by portraying characters which display courage, maturity, and diplomacy. We are statesmen and women who seek to be a shining example of the heroic ideals that the Golden Age Heroes were founded on, and who strive to inspire others to follow.

The second division is the YGA or "Young Gods". These heroes have also been influenced by the heroes of the past, but have the fire of youth that colors their actions. These are modern day heroes ranging from early teens to early 20s. Taken from the YGA Mission:

The YGA upholds the Vision of the Golden Age Heroes by portraying characters which display enthusiasm, hopefulness, and faith in the future ahead of them. We shine with the fire of youth and use our unique style to show the world that nobody represents heroic ideals better.

From in-character terms, the characters are simply the "Gods." Think in terms of the full roster of the Justice League "Unlimited" and you're on the right track for the scope and scale upon which the GAH operates "in-character." Their headquarters is a large skyscraper in Atlas Park called the Sebaastian Greylock Building. Each seperate supergroup "base" is actually an adjacent floor on the Greylock Building. Regardless of this distinction, all are considered one unified supergroup. An officer of the Young Gods has the same rank/authority as an officer in the Gods,  and the reverse holds true. There is no separation beyond upon what floor your "locker" is located.

What IS the Golden Age, however? Everyone has his or her own opinion on what the "Golden Age" represents. But what are we, as a Supergroup, trying to represent? That's the important question.

Is it the heroism represented in those yellowed pages? Yes. There weren't alot of dark or overly angsty characters in the 1940s and 1950s. Batman? The Shadow? Yup ... but they worked alongside characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and the other luminaries of the Age. A great amount of the subject matter prevalent throughout the Golden Age had a dark undertone due mainly to the Second World War. The bottom line of the Age, however was that heroes were heroes. They were always standing, four colors flying, between John and Jane Public and the legions of villains who intended to do them harm. They didn't swear, they weren't lewd, and they were people we strived to be. They walked, flew, leaped, or teleported into the face of danger with a smile on their lips and a glint in their eyes.  In those stories, the good guys always eventually won, and they did it with class and character.

The Golden Age Heroes supergroups are modelled after that. We are a group of heroes that strive to bring light to the darkness in which we live. We help the helpless. We aid our fellow heroes in their fight. We strive to be good role models for the next generation of heroes and civilians alike. We don't sit around and moan about our powers, or some horrible thing life brought to us. We take whatever bad hand life gave to us and use it to make ourselves stronger. We realize that with these powers, we have the means and the responsibility to use them for good, never for evil.

Each one of our members, and every possible member, should remember this. We are Heroes when we are in this game, both in-character and out of character. When you log into the game and pick your GAH character on your roster screen, you'll need to be in that mindset. Think about the Golden Age before roleplaying. Think about the words coming out of your character's mouth. Would you have read something like that back then? Would a character have acted in that manner? If the answer is "no", or "I don't know", do a little research. There are some great links available here, or ask a fellow member. We aren't out to be a closed off Supergroup. We only want to be the best Golden Age themed supergroup in the game. We can't be the best without all of you doing your best. If you have questions, or want to delve into the theme of the group, get to know the officers. We're here to help you with any questions you might have about this Supergroup.

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