Epic Thunderhoof Battles from years ago

Thunderhoof Clan World PvP Battles

As residents of The Venture Co. it has always been a focus of our Clan to be involved in every World PvP opportuninty we can, either by forming our own PvP raid groups or joining other guilds for organized events. Venture Co. is known for it's active World PvP community and we pledge our full support.

Here's a collection of screenshots from some of the noteworthy battles we've fought. 


Bridge Over Troubled Waters II  7-1-10
Riding the success of the first event, Grisov and Baldric worked up another great battle between the 2 guilds.  This time each side had to rescue a captured member, while fending off attacks.  Great fights and fairly evenly matched forces.  Afterwards the two sides gathered for a group picture and simultaneous hearthing.  Good, honorable combat.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters  5-27-10
A grand battle vs. The Knights of Dusk over control of the Echo Isles.  The battles were fairly even, ending with an RP-gear-only fist fight free-for-all.  Another great example of what WPVP should be.

Ritual of the Hunt II  2-8-10
We donned our robes and ceremonial weapons and headed back out to Stranglethorn Vale, ending up in Darkshire.  As always, the Knights of Dusk gave us a good and honorable battle.

The Tauren Assault of Ironforge  11-8-09
The Herd made an assault on Ironforge to let the dwarves know the digging on our ancestral lands were not going unnoticed.  After several pushes deep into the city, we returned home satisfied they had the message.

The Battle of Stromgarde 10-26-09
Blacktooth Grin's biggest rival at this time were the Keepers of Stromgarde.  KoS' guild storyline required an attack on the city and Thunderhoof and Blacktooth Grin were more than happy to oblige.  The result was a horde victory and the city was burned.

Retribution on Theramore 10-04-09
A severe attack upon Thunder Bluff resulted in many casualties.  The bandits were traced to Theramore and the Herd assembled a team to let them know we were not amused.  The 'Hooves went in with horns lowered and cleared the city, and took down Jaina to boot.

Assault on Winterguard Keep 9-19-09
Acting on inside intelligence, Blacktooth Grin had learned of Ally forces mustering in Winterguard Keep.  A large contingent of Horde guilds gathered in Venomspike and carried out an assault on the Keep.  The size of the force had been severly underestimated and we were driven from Winterguard.  The attack did manage to disrupt their plans, however.

The Sacking of Stormwind 6-15-09
Just a week after The Battle of Hillsbrad, The DreadHorde took on the sacking of Stormwind.  The group made up of Thunderhoof Clan, Hillsbrad Security, Blacktooth Grin, Unhallowed Forces, and others, took and held Stormwind for several hours until finally being pushed out of the city by Alliances forces.

The Battle of Hillsbrad 6-7-09
The Thunderhoof Clan joined Hillsbrad Security and Blacktooth Grin to engage a large Alliance force in Hillsbrad.  Over 100 total from both sides, the Horde's numbers and might proved too much for the Alliance and we adjusted the battle to balance.  The fight was then moved further into Alliance territory.  After several great engagements, the 2 sides met and saluted each other for the honorable combat.  This is what WPVP should always be like.

For The Horde!  5-10-09
The Herd decided it was time we all had warbears.  Grouping up with Blacktooth Grin, and several other representatives of other Horde guilds, we swept through the Alliance capitols in record time.

Ritual of the Hunt 3-29-09
This was the first of what we hope to become a regular in-house event. The basic idea of the event is to form a raid group and gank a lowbie zone. To make it fun for everyone gimp ourselves with fun looking gear sets. For this first Ritual Hunt, we all wore [Brown Linen Robe]s and fought with basic [Maul]s. The rule was always be in Tauren form and ONLY attack with basic melee hits. Check out the video link on our main page. Also thanks to the <Darkspear Empire> troll Clan that joined us. Their RP of defending the Vale fit in nicely with our event!

BTG Desolace Campaign 11-8-08
Our friends in Blacktooth Grin fought a long campaign centered around Desolace. The battle was stagged over several dates and our Clan joined them for the last confrontation. The Alliance was coming from the South into Thousand Needles and the Barrens with the objective to hold three Horde settlements. Our armies met up in Camp Tarajo and Thunderhoof Clan was assigned to defend Freewind Post. There we faced the first wave of Alliance attackers and successful held them off due to our numbers and the distinct advatage of higher ground. In the end the Alliance forces were pushed back and the Horde won the day!


<Nubkah> attacks Thunder Bluff 8-3-08

It was our weekly meeting date and we were celebrating our Clans 1yr anniversary. We had a special event planned to start at 6pm that evening in Bloodhoof Village. At exactly 6pm a force of close to 20 Alliance from the guild Nubkah attacked TB. Taking this as a personal attack we rode to TB as fast as we could and with the help of some Horde that were already there, wiped the Nubkah raid even faster. We appreciate their efforts to help make our anniversary that much more special!


SELECT calls out Keepers of Stromgarde 

In the Summer of '08 a PvE transfer guild called SELECT came to VeCo and stirred up a lot of drama. Among their antics was the formal calling out of the RP/PvP Alliance guild Keepers of Strongarde. The date was set and both armies met at the Keep in Arathi. We showed up to watch the fight along with a large group of The Grim Covenant. After SELECT delayed the battle, the Alliance we had been peacefully waiting with turned on us and wiped our crew in seconds. In the end all Horde in the zone teamed up to face any Alliance we found. The Keep was destroyed but the Alliance forces had the lst laugh as the regrouped and took Hammerfall. Here's us waiting with TGC before the fight...

The Theremore Inn 3-30-08
Tired after a long day of riding through Dustwallow Marsh, the Clan was looking for a place to crash for the night as we came across a town that wasn't on our maps. The sign said 'Theremore' so we figured it must an Elf town, but were surprised to find the place infested with humans. We did the Elves a favor and squished some of the larger ones as we wandered around looking for accomodations. 
The Theremore Inn itself was rather filthy, someone had left the kitchen unlocked and some humans had gotten into the wheat bins. Margerie swears there was a Gnome as big as a RAT hiding under her bed and the whole place had a funny smell. The service was terrible too, apparently the Elves were out-to-lunch so Beywulf did the cooking for us. The chairs were too small and the mead was weak. We left the dead humans for the help to clean up when they got back and dropped a few gold in the cash box. 
Looking back, we should have pushed on to Mudsprocket; at least goblins have a sense for good service. 
All in all, two stars for the Theremore Inn.

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Darnasus 6-13-08

Thunderhoof Clan was invited to a well planned raid on the Capital of Darnassus by our new friends, and members of the Dread Horde alliance, Trivedi Clan. Trivedi Clan had arranged for a lvl 20 Warlock to be planted behind Whisperwinds chamber in advance, so Margerie and Padwanu snuck into the city the night before the raid to be in place to assit the summoning of Horde forces. Joined by Blacktooth Grin, our 3 Clans dispatched the High Priestess, but not before our unprepared raid group was hit from behind by The Grim Covenant. Surprised and wounded, our forces fell in a blaze of glory!

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'Chess Event' in Burning Steppes 8-2-08

Bloodpool delacred a faction war between Redridge Mountains and Burning Steppes. Each side declared a specific player as their 'King' for the battle and it was the task of the opposing forces to get 10 kills on the enemy faction's king. Sasquatcho lead the Horde and Aragio lead the Alliance (although we heard Aragio never knew he was the king until after the battle!). Thunderhoof Clan joined the Blacktooth Grin raid group in the zone and much blood was shed. After 5 or 6 kills on Aragio, the Alliance King ported to Stormwind not realizing that doing so was an auto-lose according to the rules set forth by Bloodpool. Win or lose, about 150 people were at the event and plenty of PvP happened. Even after the match was officially over, the world defense channel was lit up for hours!


Horde forces and an Alliance ref forming up before the event start


Padwanu and Margerie spent most of the battle trapped behind enemy lines after the initial Horde assault got pushed back.



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