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This application consists of two parts: A Roleplaying section and an Out Of Character section. Please fill out the Roleplaying section In Character. The Roleplaying section is first, and all your answers need to be IC (In Character). The OOC section will follow after, and the questions will be marked OOC. You are required to fill out both sections. This application will be the first impression you leave on the officers of the Vanguard, so it is important that you do your utmost to reply in full to our questions, as well as know the difference between the IC and OOC part. Remember, you showing that you have taken the time to fill in this application rather than racing through it will impress us. Do you understand?
You descend a winding stone staircase into the basement of the keep. A bright-eyed gnome mutters a greeting as she rushes past from an open doorway ahead of you. You step through the doorway and into an impressive chamber dominated by a large oaken desk covered in piles of paperwork at which sits a stern old dwarf. The dwarf looks up from his scrolls and speaks: “Hail adventurer. I am the recruitment officer of Valorhold and my scribes tell me that you wish to join our ranks. First things first, can you tell me your name?”
The dwarf grunts and scribbles something on his scroll before continuing: “Good to meet you. The Vanguard is always in need of new recruits from all walks of life, from soldiers to scullery maids. What skills can you bring to the Keep?”
The recruitment officer scratches at his dark grey beard with his quill then asks: "Where did you learn of our guild?"
With a groan and creaking of old bones the dwarf leans forward and says: "Can someone in our guild vouch for you? If so, who?"
The old dwarf fumbles with his quill trying to dip it in an inkwell, accidently spilling the ink across the desk. Cursing loudly he crumples up the ruined scroll and throws onto the floor. He then asks: "What kind of experience are you looking for from joining our guild?"
He leans back in his chair and reaches for a flask of foul smelling liquor. chugging it down he throws the flask onto the floor with the ruined scroll, and folding his arms he asks: “Could you please take some time to tell me more about yourself, where do you come from and where have you worked before?”
[OOC] The OOC section of the application begins here, please note that all answers given from this point on are OOC. Firstly, what is your age?
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[OOC] Do you have previous experience with Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games? If so, tell us a bit about it
[OOC] How long have you played World of Warcraft?
[OOC] How many hours a week do you play World of Warcraft?
[OOC] Do you have any experience with raiding or high level instances in World of Warcraft?
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