Welcome to Remnant
  1. Remnant is a mature kinship.  If you have a disagreement with someone, resolve it politely.  If you have attempted to do so but been unable to, then contact a Remnant officer for assistance.
  2. Remnant is an active kinship.  Members are expected to visit the web site at least twice a week in order to keep up with changes.  Members need to be aware of upcoming events, polls, new members, requests for help, etc.  Members are also expected to log into LotRO each week.  If a member must be gone for an extended period, they must notify an officer.
  3. We communicate on TeamSpeak.  While we do not require voice chat for membership, we do use TeamSpeak to communicate during scheduled events.  To participate in scheduled events, you must have TeamSpeak installed (it's free) and at least be able to hear even if you don't have a microphone.