Welcome to The Underground - WoW

As members of TU we will work hard showing our drive, endurance, guts and determination to become one of the most respectable guilds on the server.

Maturity is important to The Underground. Everyone is expected to maintain a high level of maturity while participating in the guild. Offensive language, racial comments, and degrading comments towards other players will not be tolerated.

The most important rule we have is that every member of the guild must have fun. When the guild stops being fun - why be in it? Remember folks, we are all real people behind these monitors with real feelings. We all have friends, families and real life responsibilities that are far more important than any game - so play when you can and enjoy it!


The following items define the expectations that The Underground has for its membership. Please contact an officer for assistance rather than taking an issue to the court of public opinion in guild chat. Any discipline will be decided by the officers so it may be taken into context. Discipline may range from a conversation about conduct, to probation, to guild removal.

Represent TU
When in game you should always be representing The Underground in a manner that treats other players with respect, encourages enjoyment of the game, and maintains and increases the reputation of the guild.

Respect All Players
Treat all players with the respect that you would expect. While banter is fun, keep it fun and playful and not destructive. Any discriminatory remarks will not be tolerated.

Guild Chat / Ventrilo Lobby PG
We have guild mates with many different expectations of what is clean language. Please keep the language in Guild Chat and all non-specified Ventrillo channels PG. Only the specified Ventrilo channels <R> are to be used for non-PG language.

Common Sense
Always try to play fair. Always make sure that the loot rules are well defined so as not be accused of ninja looting.

You are Responsible for Your Account
The Underground expects only the member who was invited to be playing that accounts Main and Alts.  You are responsible for anything that is said/done from your account even if by your friend/relative.

Do not Violate Blizzard's Rules
If you violate the Terms of Service by doing things such as using a stated exploit you will most likely be removed from the guild.

What Is Expected of You as a Member

After receiving your /ginvite and spending a few days in-game getting to know everybody, there are a few things that you should be doing as a member of our guild.

1) Help!
The Underground was created specifically to help players move along in the game. Answering questions, helping defeat a boss mob, etc. Help where you can... as often as you can.

2) Participate!
If there is an event (PvP Raid, Social Event, Raffle, etc) do your best to be there and be there on time!

3) Be Part of the Community!
As a member of TU you should be viewing the forums every couple of days and staying on top of the guild news and information. Failure to regularly check the forums can result in your not being able to participate in raids & events. You should also try to be on Ventrilo when possible.