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Application Questions
ASSOCIATES ONLY: If you are only requesting Associate membership, please answer this question by listing all your toons here. Once you have been approved, please make an entry in the forum thread linked to on our home page on the left called 'Data Entry: Toons' and follow the format exactly. You don't have to answer any of the remaining questions.
If requesting full membership, please read the Rules of Engagement in our General Discussion forum and let us know that you've done so by answering this question with the words "I agree". Then answer the remaining questions. The last set of questions are based on the RoE. You will be given Associate status on our GP site upon preliminary acceptance of your app.
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If you are applying for full Membership and have a sponsor, who is it? (CDoME recruits cannot be sponsors) Please make sure this person knows you are using them as a sponsor.
How did you hear about CDoME?
If you are currently in a kinship, which one and why do you want to leave? If you are not currently in a kin, what was your last kin and why did you leave?
If you have grouped with CDoME members, who, specifically, was it?
RoE: How does a recruit become a member?
RoE: What sort of conduct is expected of CDoME members (and recruits)?
RoE: Are you allowed to have alts in other kinships once you join CDoME? If so, under what condition?
RoE: Name two ways to earn RP and one way to lose RP.
RoE: What can you spend DKP on?
RoE: List any 3 raid bosses and their DKP value.
RoE: Is there any way to lose DKP? If so, how?
RoE: RP can be exchanged for DKP in what quantity?
RoE: When was the RoE last updated?
Bonus #1: What was this kin's original name?
Bonus #2: What toon founded this kin?
Bonus #3: What was Renamesw's original name?