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Application Questions
Instructions: Please fill out all application questions fully and truthfully. All application questions must be answered, with the exception of questions with an asterisk (*) before the question. Applications with missing information or found to be misrepresented in any way, will be rejected and your entry into GoV (Guardians of Valor) will be denied. Your application will be processed within 24 hours, but normally applications are processed within an hour of making an officer of Guardians of Valor aware of the applications completion. We are aware that this application process can seem long or tedious, but please know that this application process is to help ensure your protection and game experience once inside GoV's membership and to help protect the integrity of the guild. Please make sure and place your answers below the questions.
What is the full name, race, class, level, trade-skill, trade-skill level, guild and server of your main character in Everquest II?
What is the full name, race, class, level, trade-skill, and trade-skill level of the character you will be using as your MAIN character in Guardians of Valor?
Please list a personal E-mail address outside of Everquest II, to which you may be contacted by Guardians of Valor's Officers.
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What name would you like to go by in the guild? (Example: Your main characters name is Bearcrazy, but your would like to be called Bear.)
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*What is your name and address? (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ANY PART OF THIS QUESTION THAT YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE ANSWERING! This in no way will affect your application to Guardians of Valor. This information can be given to us at a later date when you feel comfortable with releasing any part of it.)
Who referred you to Guardians of Valor?
Have you ever been a member of Guardians of Valor in the past with this account or another account? If so, please list the main character name used during your membership and date. (If you can not remember the exact date and approximate date is fine.)
What are the guild names and the servers of the guilds you have been a member of in the past or currently? Please list all guilds, no matter the amount of time you spent in their membership.
Do you currently hold a leader or officer position within any guild on any server within Everquest II? If so, please list your character name, rank, guild and server that you hold office within.
Will you be placing any alternate characters in Guardians of Valor? (Alternate characters are always welcome here at GoV.)
Have you ever been disbanded from a guild, raid team membership, or SOE for disciplinary reasons while playing Everquest II? If so, please explain the details and circumstances behind the event, including the guild, team name or GM that disbanded or made sanctions against your main character, alternate characters or account.
Would you be interested in raiding? If so, would you be interested in casual raids or our mid-core raid team?
Would you be likely to participate in extra guild activities such as Heritage quest, Signature quest, instance groups, shard groups, guild celebrations,and other fun activities that build solid guild relationships among the members?
Are you a first time player of Everquest II (3 months or less) or have you been playing for awhile? If you have played for more than 3 months, please list how long you have played and what you consider to be your level of expertise concerning the game?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this application and for your interest in Guardians of Valor.