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Application Questions
((Questions are either RP :: encased:: or OOC ((encased)). Please feel free to answer the questions as fully as possible, and Role Play your character’s personality as you answer the RP ones.)) ::A perky elven woman, with sparkling blue eyes and dark blue black hair sits down in front of you. Her eyes examine you as she props her feet up on the table, crossed at the ankles. Her mouth tilts in a friendly smile. "So..you want to join us.. Hmm? What is the first thing that comes into your mind about the Dawnswords?"
::“What do you know of our presence in Stormreach, of the work we do?”::
::She nods.. and thinks a moment. “What do you expect from us, as a whole and as individuals?”::
::”How do you feel about associating with our allied guilds and friends?”::
::”How would you deal with someone who was belligerent about you or just our guild in particular?”((Both In Char and OOC))::
::”Tell me a little about yourself, your hopes and goals in life, or a tidbit from your past or present, or maybe even just a favorite poem or song, or your favorite drink or food?”::
((Greetings to you, a hopeful applicant, to our little family and friends guild Dawnswords. Now lets get the OOC questions out of the way .What do you know of the Dawnswords guild and its members?))
((Do you understand we are a very small guild, mostly family and friends who have played either table top or MMORPG’s together for years? ))
((Would such strong ties make you as a newcomer uncomfortable?))
((How many years of Role Play experience do you have?))
((Did you ever or do you currently play pen and paper tabletop D&D?))
((What is your age bracket 12-17, 18 or older, this question lets us know what sort of content to use around you ?))
((Do you pvp out of RP situations where it might be called for, and if you do, would you be using your Dawnsword character to pvp with? What character names have you pvp’d under? How do you interact with the pvp community?))
((Are you an an alt of someone we know, if so, could you reveal who or give us a hint? This is for our benefit, as we are a very close knit family.))
::She stands and reaches across the table to grab your hand, and shakes it. "Tis all I needed.. I am Eildre.. leader of this band. I thank you for your answers and will get back to you with our decision soon. Do you have anything to add?" "I wish you sweet water and light laughter."::