Welcome to The Exiled Sith'ari
These are our rules which are part of our Code of Conduct. Pretty simple, fair, straightforward. If you can live with them please continue on with the applying process. If they seem harsh or unfair then we bid you farewell and hope you find the guild you are looking for.

-Treat all your fellow guild members with the same respect and kindness that you expect from them.

-If for any reason you must be absent from the guild for an extended period of time we'd ask that you please post a note in our 'Absence' forum or inform a Guild Officer so we do not remove you for inactivity.

-If you signed up for an event/raid but RL is going to make miss it, you will need to change your availability status on the event calendar asap and add a short explanation why to the comment section. If your life is hectic and unpredictable we strongly recommend using the 'tentative' option on all RAID signups unless you know for sure you'll make it. While we are very tolerant of RL interferences, repeatedly being absent from raids you said you'd definitely be there for will have consequences.

-Listen to raid leader in flashpoints. If he gives you some directions follow them. If you messed up you need to respectfully listen to his corrections and follow them. If you have an issue with what's going on you will relay it to the raid leader in whispers/tells. Don't use the mic for questions. Ask any questions in typed party chat or personal questions in /whispers. If you can't listen, won't take correction, or follow instructions then you won't be going on anymore raids.

-All members need to have Ventrilo et al installed with access to a working microphone and or earphones if you are going to do guild events/flashpoints/pvp. You don't have to speak if you are uncomfortable with that, but you do have to listen.

-No corpse camping. We encourage you to slaughter, maim, and mutilate the republicans in the PvP areas but do so with honor. If we find out you have been corpse camping you will be asked to leave the guild.

-No ninja looting when grouping. Roll greed unless you REALLY need the item. Don't roll on items unless your grouped toon can wear it. If you are leading a group and you ninja the boss loot...well that will get you tarred, feathered, blacklisted, and immediately expelled from guild.

-Don't go around giving unsolicited advice how others 'SHOULD' be playing their class. Help only if asked.

-Don't think you're better than any other member just because you're good at your class. We're all equal members of the same nerdherd.

-You need to be cool with people using adult language and content in both ingame guild chat and in voice chat. If you're a minor make sure your parents/guardians are ok with it too.

-We will not tolerate stalking, aggressive sexual harassment, RL racial or religious slurs. This will be subject to immediate removal from guild.

-NO DRAMA!! Never argue with guildies in open chat. You need to resolve any conflicts quickly and quietly in /whispers with the party involved. If you can't do it yourselves then contact an officer to assist. Causing intentional drama will get you expelled from guild

-Don't badmouth the guild. Constant badmouthing of the guild is considered drama and will be dealt with as such. If you are unhappy have a talk with an officer and see if anything can be done. If you'd rather not bother to talk and just want to leave well..the door is over there.