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Welcome, Traveler. The Circle of Night is a group of "elite Inspired agents who coordinate activities of the Dreaming Dark" in Eberron Lore. We believe a character’s life BEGINS at the level cap. We are a mature group of experienced players on Ghallanda who focus on end-game content. We strive to be valuable members of every raid and group and are committed to being “Prepared for Completion”. What character do you consider your ‘main’ character on Ghallanda?
Have you reviewed the guild principles and expectations in the WHO WE ARE tab on our website, and do you agree to those principles?
Why do you want to join the Circle of Night? How did you find us?
Are you a VIP Account? If not, do you own all essential Adventure Packs and plan on purchasing new ones as they are released?
How long have you been playing Dungeons and Dragons Online?
How many characters do you have and what are there levels?
Tell us about yourself as a player. For example, do you enjoy tinkering with odd builds? Do you love powerleveling lots of toons? Are you focused on TRing a bunch of times? What makes you stick with DDO?
How open are you to giving and receiving feedback about your playstyle and builds?
Applicants who meet the guild requirements and accept the principles will be invited to the guild on a trial basis. If we don't fit your needs or you don't fit ours, you can drop or we can rescind the invitation. What hours are you generally on so we can confirm your trial membership?
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