Welcome to Clan Battlehammer
  Clan Battlehammer did not just happen overnight - it has been a slow grind of more than two years to build the membership to its current levels.  We would like to impress this upon our newest recruits so they understand the level of commitment this group of dwarves has to the guild.  If your unwilling to play at a level that supports our goals, we would ask that you /gquit now.  If you are the caliber player we are looking for, then we welcome you as our newest brother or sister to our clan.  

  Members of Clan Battlehammer range in all ages in real life. It is understood that when talking in vent or typing in game that you respect all members. We understand that in the heat of battle a swear can be uttered in frustration or joy. Be aware that repeated use of less offensive swearing will earn you a warning. Three warnings gets you a guild kick. Any use of racial words, derogatory comments aimed at any Battlehammer, f-bomb's, political rants and unreasonable grieving of other players are grounds for a immediate kick.  Camping is not permitted. 

The use of any illegal code or in game bot program by any Battlehammer is a immediate kick, we will then re- invite you so we can kick you again. 

 Mutual Respect applies to both our members and allies.  We ask that you treat players and allies with the respect they deserve.  It is understandable that sometime you need to blow off steam, if so, please do so on another non Battlehammer toon so it does not reflect badly upon the clan.  -Bru

Greetings Fellow Clansmen,

In an effort to retain our purity of conviction to battling the Horde and combating all their incursions we are establishing a new guild policy.  

While some members of the Clan are but alts of members from allied guilds, the majority are surely "main" characters.  As "mains" we ask for your commitment to the Clan.  To that end we are also asking, upon your honor as a Battlehammer, that you do not carry any alts secretly within Horde guilds that we may engage in WPvP (most notably: Warsong Battalion, Phoenix Highguard, Orcworm, Clan Ashwalker, Gor'Watha Warband, and the Dragonmaw Vanguard).  Active "spies" will be dealt with directly when discovered as we have done in the past.  We'd prefer not to have to waste time in hunting out such persons, but rather trust that each Battlehammer is doing the right thing by the Clan and feel this is a needed reminder to some who may still have such characters.  Fighting against any Clansman on a horde alt could call ones honor into question.

Additionally, maintaining Real-ID/Battle.Net links with known enemy guild members is also discouraged.  We understand this is a completely voluntary game and for variety sake many of us have Horde "alts", but there's no reason that we should make fighting Clan Battlehammer any easier by providing free intelligence on our movements and actions to the enemy.  

The fervor on Emerald Dream surrounding WPvP is unmatched on any other server in the Warcraft universe and given the level of current conflict between the factions the less distraction we have in allegiances the more focus we gain.  Let's put our best foot forward and attempt to increase participation in CTA events and meet the Horde in battle to gain victory!  

One last note, please remember we are an RP based guild.  Even though we favor "light RP" we must always remember that each member of the guild is a representative of Clan Battlehammer and a direct reflection of us all.  Communications between characters outside the guild (says/yells/emotes) are always considered to be "In Character" (IC) while guild communications (guildchat/vent) can be "Out of Character" (OOC).  Direct whispers are at the discretion of the recipient as to how to respond, either IC or OOC.  Forum postings, an outward and public communication, lately though have been less IC than desired to maintain the decorum of the Clan.  We know our worth and have no need to sink into petty back-and-forth contests of "we're better"/"no we're better" ad nauseum conversations.  We can "highlight" our victories in true Dwarven fashion (usually with ale and revelry) remembering the time honored adage of "less is more" without engaging in "less than honorable" degradation of our opponents or even allies.  Nor do we feel there's any need to defend our actions against baseless accusations by our enemies, which only encourages them by feeding their need for attention and relevance as well as giving their points credence.  Basically, either in game or out..."don't feed the trolls"! 

Remember we are DWARVES!  Loud, brash and boisterous in our halls and in our revelling, but stoic as stone to our enemies.  We are both the immovable object and the unstopable force!  We are the rock and the hard place!  Let our faces tell our tale...

 * so say this truth. As Wittiness ,
Kai Maru