Welcome to ngtest3
OK first off, and these are absolutely important!

  1. LISTEN to the voices in your head!
  2. Do not talk back to your voices.
  3. If you are caught violating rule 1 or 2, you will be disbanded (that is what my voices told me to write).
Case study of a bad member:

  • Do you brush your teeth in the middle of a raid?
  • Do you walk the dog in the middle of a raid?
  • Do you have to go to work in the middle of a raid?
  • Are you at work in the middle of a raid?
  • Is your boss on the raid? And if so, does he give you monetary bonuses in exchange for raid gear?
  • Does your spouse know you're in a raid when you should be at work?
  • Does your spouse play your character on the raid better than you?
  • Are you your spouse?
Case study of a good member:

  • Have you locked yourself in a sound proof room away from your spouse for the duration of a raid?
  • Do you have a mini fridge and microwave near your computer?
  • Are you using an Uninterruptible Power Supply, in case the microwave trips your breaker while making pop-corn?
  • Does your spouse not only condone your game play habits, but excel at it more than you do?
  • Do you pee in a bottle to prevent absences from the raid? If so, have you ever accidentally mistaken it for your Mt. Dew? If so, please share story with the guild.
  • Do you do heavy breathing in the mic on voice chat during a raid? If so, is it a turn on?
  • Have you read this entire thing?