Welcome to Entropy Legion
Welcome to the Entropy Legion.  The Legion was a Role-play group in City of Heroes/Villains via Paragon Chat (CoX).  While we consider ourselves a laid-back group, we do have a few rules we wish to emphasis to new players:

  • Be courteous and respectful to not only Legion members, but to the CoX society in general.
  • We are a Role Playing group, so RP
  • Keep it PG / PG-13
  • Communicate through the website about long absence.  Members are removed from the Legion after 90 days of unexplained (i.e. "dropped off the face of the Earth") absence.  While preferred interaction is in-game, the website and forums is counted as group interaction.
  • Have fun out there.  This is a game after all.

For more detail on rules and other subjects, go to the Handbook section of the forums.