Welcome to Graviora Manent
Thank you for applying to Graviora Manent. 

If you haven't already please make sure you have read our guild information so you understand what our philosophies are and what we're about. We are a hardcore PVP/PVE guild aiming for TERA and plan to focus on being a top guild on our server. As such our recruiting standards may be higher than you are accustomed to. 

You can find out guild information post here (in graphic form)

Please fill out all questions and provide detail. The application is the first impression we get of you and your membership qualities. So please take the time and provide adequate information so we can properly evaluate your application on proper merit. 

Once you have finished your application someone will contact you shortly and send you mail with next step of the process. They will also comment on your application when the mail has been sent so please check back for this information if you want to keep your application open. Thank you and Goodluck!