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((Fellowship of the Golden Night (FotGN) is an international role-playing guild. Members are encouraged to play DDO In-Character (IC) as much as possible, posting on our forums, and taking an active role in the betterment of the DDO role-playing community.)) After some asking around for folk of the Fellowship, you've been pointed towards the Phoenix Tavern and led to a table in the back room. An assortment of people of all race and breed greet you. A drow smiles and offers his hand in greeting. "I am Zoltando Sevenmoons, of the Fellowship. I see by your gear that you have been travelling. Please, sit down." Zoltando gestures towards an empty chair. "May I ask your name, even though Jaggie is going to call you a duck anyway." Zoltando smirked. (Main-Character's NAME, and a brief DESCRIPTION of who/what we are seeing.)
A white haired elf is next to greet you. Points asks, "Greetings stranger! Where did your travels take you before bringing you here to our little corner of the world?" (Please give COUNTRY/TIMEZONE you live in, and continue IC)
A dwarf ,Praut soon follows with the next question, "Why is it that you would seek us out, this Fellowship, in order to join us? In turn, what should we expect out of the likes of you?" He peers at the newcomer intently. "I bring my axe and my loyalty and I seek friendship and a safe place to sleep in return. What is it that you seek?" (Please answer twice: IC as though your character is actually speaking to us, and Out-of-Character (OOC) explaining why "you" want to join.)
A large blue Warforged, Deriaz, salutes you from where he sits along the wall, instead of in a chair like the others. He studies you for a few seconds, then speaks in a deep tone. "How did you come across the Fellowship of the Golden Night? By word of mouth, maybe a friend of the guild, or a reason of your own?" (Please answer again in both IC and OOC: how did your character learn of FotGN? Then, how did "you" hear of FotGN ?)
A tawny colored 'forged walks up besides you and nods, offering you a cookie. "It is nice to meet you, friend. I am Jaggie Jutebox. Please, Jaggie is fine, though I'm afraid I did not bring any application documents with me today. However, if you allow, myself and the others can speak later and give you our decision by messenger." (You will receive a private message (PM) through the GuildPortal MAIL system, be sure to read our CHARTER and FAQ, and post an intro on the forums.)