Welcome to Order of the Naughty Knights
Progression in Order of the Naughty Knights

Recruit-upon invitation to the guild this is the rank you receive
Initiate-Promotion to Initiate after at least 2 weeks
Junior Member-promotion after at least 1 month and 25K status contribution
Member- Promotion after at least 3 months and 75K status contribution
Senior Member-Promotion after at least 6 months and 250K status contribution

ALL officer promotions take a majority vote by current senior officers PLUS:
Officer-9 months and 750K status
Senior Officer- 1 year and 1 Million Status 

(ALL founding members are officers or above)

Leaders will not be added to the guild unless there are special considerations and must be voted on by all active members

**Special Note**
Once you gain the rank of Officer or above all of your alts can be moved up to Member automatically.

In addition to the above requirements for rank progression there are some basic foundations we expect from ALL guild members:

***Be respectful to members AND others in game.  Most of us have been in game long enough to play with many other players in or out of other guilds and they will share when they run into a player who was rude or selfish.

***Be helpful--we understand that everyone has different play styles, goals, etc however, we can make it much more fun for all if we help others.  You can help by crafting for the guild, mentoring new players, grouping with others to help them achieve their goals, contributing to the guild bank with plat, rares, masters, tradeskill books, etc.

Players can be demoted or completely removed for behavior considered unbecoming our guild and/or lack of participation.  Warnings for bad behavior will occur before demotion or removal depending on the issue. 

We understand life happens, but if after 4 months you have not logged in with any of your characters and have not communicated a reason to one of the officers, we will demote or remove you and your alts from the guild.