Welcome to The Templars

  1. Treat all players, and especially other Templars, with respect. This includes the Templar and MWO forums.  Represent this unit with class.  Our reputation is a weapon, we want it untarnished.
  2. We do not use public chat in 12-man drops aside from good luck / salute / good game.  12 man drops are competitive drops, if a noob finds himself there, it wasn't an accident.  No mercy, no help.  Quick and painful death.  In 4-man drops you may answer newbie questions in chat.  In 4 man drops, use of team chat for coordinating with your team is encouraged.  We do not offer up, unsolicited, the name of our team.  If a teammate asks the name of our unit directly, we answer simply "The Templars" and leave it at that.  "Our actions on the battlefield speak with greater volume and frequency than do our words."
  3. Drop rooms are for drops, and chat channels are for chat.
    1. Drop channels should never have more than two non-combat observers (NCO).
    2. NCO's will need to make room for players wishing to actively participate.
    3. For further details, see the Communication Channels post.
  4. Follow the chain of command when addressing questions or concerns you may have.  The further down the chain you can start, the more likely you are to find the answer more quickly.  Don't be afraid to move up the chain, it's just that there are more people available to you by starting closer to the bottom.  You can find a chart for the chain of command in this post.
  5. Role guidelines are not negotiable in a drop room.  We are constantly evaluating our guidelines to maintain their relevancy, but it's not done at drop time in a drop channel. 
    1. Full members (Knights and up) may run non-standard builds in 4-man drops.
    2. Initiates should work their way up to standardized builds as quickly as possible.  We understand that some Initiates will have CBill challenges early in their career, and we will certainly not be kicking Initiates who make an honest effort to get as close as they can as quickly as they can.  Make an effort, and it won't be a problem.
  6. All Initiate drops should be avoided whenever possible.  8-man drops must contain a Knight (in the future, it will be a UM / KM / M / BC)  and follow all Templar role and drop rules.  Initiates should use 4 man drops until there is adequate experienced leadership to form an 8 man drop.
  7. We are a PG-13 unit!
  8. Templar Ventrilo may not be used for playing games other than MWO.
  9. Guests may only be in Templar Ventrilo if they are considering joining the unit. There are far better options for voice chat if you are simply looking to "chat" with a friend.  Templar Command Staff may make an exception for individual instances, but you'll need to ask in advance.  All guests need to identify with a "G" as the first letter of their comment at a minimum.
  10. Rules, policies and procedures are open for discussion and explanation, but not while you are in violation of them.  If you violate the rules, you violate the rules.  The time to discuss these is beforehand, not during or after.