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Application Questions
Thank you for applying to Vanquish, please list the MAIN character you are applying to the guild with, as well as what division you intend to join (ESO, AA, SW:TOR or Other). If your game uses an account name such as @Oakos or Oakos.2417 please list that as well
Please take a moment to say a hello and introduce yourself in our Recruitment and Introductions forum!
Please tell us your age, time zone and normal hours of play?
Prior to applying please read the “Guild Charter, FAQ, Need to Know and Structure” post found in our public forums. Can you comply with all protocols listed including the limitations on cross guilding we have in place as well as our ArcheAge specifics in regards to being an anti-crime/grief guild? Finally, the fact we are a DC focused guild and do not offer any support for AD or EP characters in ESO?
What do you expect from a guild and looking back on any past guild experience what did you enjoy the most?
On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest) please rate your level of interest in: End Game, RP, PvP, Crafting, Solo Play and Group Work.
Are you willing to install and use Teamspeak for group work and endgame ventures?
Vanquish caters to an older crowd and while we keep chat and vent use “R” rated or less we do enjoy ourselves and can get a little rowdy! Are you OK with this aspect of the guild and its members?
Is there anything you wish to add or let us know about, any questions for us? If not then you will receive a reply to your application within 72 hours and thank you for applying to Vanquish!