Welcome to The Horde
Horde Mission

The Horde’s mission is to provide a family-friendly guild to all ages, races and backgrounds of diversity.  As a guild, fostering friendships in a relaxed play style is one of our highest priorities regardless of level or experience.  The Horde counts on its members to behave well, share and respond with respect to each citizen of Al’Kabor.   Every member of the Guild enjoys the “laid back” play style and family-friendly atmosphere.  The Horde will not make Raiding or Progression a mandatory requirement to join.  Every guild member recognizes and embodies these traits and works towards the progress and betterment of the guild without losing the core values and traditions of The Horde. 

Code of Conduct / Guild Rules

  1. You must be respectful, friendly and kind to both the members of The Horde and the public at large. All members represent the Horde and should be always conduct themselves according to the Horde Code of Conduct.  Officers are expected to be role models and leaders for the guild, and are held to a higher standard than regular members.
  2. We will not tolerate any harassment of others for any reason including race, religion, sex or sexual preference.
  3. We recognize that Real Life (RL) comes first and no one should be penalized, criticized (etc.) for addressing RL before EQ.
  4. Raiding IS NOT required or made mandatory by The Horde and membership will not be penalized.
  5. Bringing private disputes into open channels and/or on guild and/or public website forums will not be tolerated.  This includes the following channels: guild chat, group, public server channels (e.g. Alliance, class channels), and all raid related channels.
  6. Use of inappropriate/offensive language is not tolerated and will be considered harassment.  This includes any language deemed inappropriate or uncomfortable by the audience present in the channels or by private tells.
  7. Personal attacks, malicious rumoring/gossiping, backbiting, lying, etc. will not be tolerated and receive disciplinary action.
  8. Stealing of any kind, including account theft, ninja-looting, defiling of “Guild Bots” will receive disciplinary action.
  9. You may not be a member of another guild while a current member of The Horde unless otherwise approved by the Guild Council. 
  10. You may not share Guilded Toons or Accounts with anyone outside of the guild.  All members should be comfortable in knowing who they are dealing with.
  11. You may not share a “Guild Bot” account with any non-members or unapproved member unless you are the account owner.  (Guild Bots are any toons/accounts that were given to the guild and are being maintained by the guild for membership use.)  Only officers will initially have access to these accounts unless the Guild Leader makes a special dispensation.
  12. If you have a conflict with someone outside of the guild, you are expected to conduct yourself according to these rules and you should report them to one of our officers or Guild Council members.   We will have the matter addressed through their guild leadership.

While a recruit, any infraction of the rules can lead to immediate removal from the guild and termination of your application at the discretion of the Guild Council.  After a period of no less than 1 month, the guild council will review your status for full membership.