New Officers and New Alliance
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I want to take this moment to congratulate our newest Officers.

Over Warlocks, we have Alynae taking the reins as Captain.

Haysuss is grabbing the Warriors by the horns.  Grats, Captain.

Alonara has moved from Mage Captain to stand with Caoineadh as part of the Adjutant Council, so the old Billet is open.

Jakobi is putting his Shaman on the back burner and will be playing either Askari or Earthwalker most of the time.  In accordance with the agreement merging the Legion with the Wolves, one of these characters will make Captain as well.

On the subject of Alliances, we are now officially allied with False Prophecy for Naxxramas 10 and Naxxramas 25, so save your Raid IDs for this endeavor.

Our Naxx10 Raid is still set for Sundays, beginning at 6 Server, first pull no later than 7 Server.

False Prophecy holds their 25 man raids on Thursday and Friday at 7 Server.

Go, Wolves!