Incarnate War: Keyes Reactor Trial Follow-Up
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After-Action Report

Logged by MSG Thomas Riley

...not surprised to see that the show was being ramrodded by Radium Blight.  Why the Vanguard keeps allowing him to lead these incursions into Praetorian Earth is beyond me, particularly seeing that his crew more or less nationally humiliated the Vanguard some months back.  Well, ours is not to reason why, as they say.  Our is but to do and die.  I never liked that quote.

Unfortunately, I was the only Unionist available at the time, the others busy with other situations.  Fortunately, there were Golden Age Heroes available as well; Green Taipan and I got along pretty well, as usual; the more volatile members of his crew had some issues working with the Legion, though.  The Legion didn't help matters-they kind of took a childish delight in provoking the heroes, and some of them took the bait.  For a few minutes, I wondered if the Vanguard's security folks were going to have to get involved; they don't really tolerate the usual hero/villain conflicts in White Plains, and even less so in their own outpost.  Of course, we'll ignore the fact that I've been attacked in portions of White Plains by Arachnos troops who usually claim "we thought we were being scouted by Rikti".  Suuuure.

Once the prospect of violence in the outpost faded, we were outbound to Praetorian Earth to a region called Keyes Island to secure a set of nuclear reactors.  No, that's not entirely accurate-they were antimatter reactors, which are a lot more dangerous.  Unsurprisingly, they were the brainchild and work of the villain Anti-Matter.  That much power had to be taken away from Tyrant, and held for Vanguard until they could be turned over to the local resistance.  Anti-Matter wasn't really ready to give up without a fight, though.

There were too many Warworks robots to hit all three reactors at once; we had to concentrate our forces on one reactor at a time.  We labeled the reactors as Hope, Genesis, and Infinity.  Who came up with those designations?  Wouldn't "Alpha", "Bravo", and "Charlie" have been sufficient?  Someone at the Vanguard has too much time in their hands.  Making life even better?  Anti-Matter knew we were coming, and had popped the corks on the reactors.  If we didn't act fast, a massive antimatter pulse would kill everyone on the island except him-which meant, generally, all of us.  We had to activate the containment units on the reactors to keep them from going critical, while fighting off Warworks and Anti-Matter himself.  Some components needed to activate the units were in boxes around Hope, while others were actually within the larger robots around Genesis.  The components for Infinity were locked in bunkers; we had to blast our way through to get to the components.

Once the reactors were secure, we took on Anti-Matter himself.  Fighting on his home turf enabled him to use all kinds of weapons on us in addition to his own powers.  Obliteration beams, disintegrators-and I'll tell you as a target of one of those disintegrators, those weren't something you could laugh off.  There was even some sort of molecular freeze (or so they tell me) that locked us all in position while Anti-Matter went after some kind of healing station.  He didn't heal quite fast enough, though-the freezes ended, and we took out the stations before he could get much use out of them.

He pulled out a lot of tricks, but in the end, they were just tricks.  There were fourteen of us, and one of him.  The end wasn't in doubt; once it got down to just him and us, he was finished.

These continuing team-ups with the Golden Age Heros and the Entropy Legion continue to reinforce my previous observations.  The Golden Age Heroes are good men and women to have at your side when things go bad; and the Legion, while they act like idiots, are some of the more dangerous villains I've seen.  It's probably a good thing they spend so much time on being dysfunctional; each one is individually dangerous.  As a group?

And I'm not sure why one of them was watching me so intently near the end, there, either.  She seemed to be one of the more rational ones; and that means she's probably the most dangerous....