Secret Origins: Diamondskin Follow-Up
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The Union received a distress call from the scientist Ginger Yates.  Yates and her team have been studying the Devouring Earth and ways to combat and rid the world of them.  It appears that either the Devouring Earth are attacking Yates' lab or some of her subjects have escaped.  Regardless of the motivation, the Devouring Earth have innocent scientists trapped and imperiled.

A Union Task Force comprised of Doctor Spectro, Champion Woman, Ms Impossible, Raven Moonshadow, and a visiting Winter Tornado, rushed over to the labs.  When the team arrived, the found a strange thing.  The hero Diamondskin, a member of Hyperion Force, was standing near the door and muttering to himself.  When the Union addressed Diamondskin, he acted like he was waking up and a bit disoriented.  Not sure why he was there to begin with, he asked to join the Union in their efforts to save the scientists once he was caught up on the situation.

The Union and guests were able to save the remaining scientists in the installation.  During the rescue mission, an unusual Devouring Earth crystal, one comprised of ruby and acting as a make shift leader, addressed Diamondskin as some kind of traitor.  The Ruby told Diamondskin to abandon the humans and return to the Earth.

Confused by that confrontation, Ginger Yates suggested they run some tests on Diamondskin to see if there was something inherent in his powers that might be confusing the Devouring Earth.  Yates suggested that this might be something they could develop a kind of "Devouring Earth cloaking" device.  Diamondskin agreed to the tests if it could assist in combating the Devouring Earth in the future.

The results of the tests were shocking.  Ginger discovered that Diamondskin was not just cloaked to the Devouring Earth, but in fact he was one of the Devouring Earth!  This was a confusing discovery as Diamondskin was human at one point.  Then an incident with a magical item had apparently disintegrated him, only for him to return a few months later but in a hulking, crystalline creature.  As a matter of fact, Diamondskin remembers "waking up" in Faultline upon his return, but can not remember anything from the time of the "disintegration" to his waking up in Faultline.

Going on the only lead they had, and by a suggestion from Ginger, the Union traveled to Faultline with Diamondskin to investigate the area he "woke up" in Faultline.  Upon arriving, they found the general area crawling with Devouring Earth.  Combating the creatures, the Union finally comes to strange magical portal deep underground amongst the wreckage of Faultline.  It was from this portal that the Devouring Earth have been emerging.

Entering the portal, the team finds themselves in an parallel dimension.  With a little investigations of the surrounding area the Union fight off a group of Circle of Thorn of this dimension.  These Circle seemed a bit more savage then the Primal counterparts.  The Union came across some journals and another portal.  With in this portal, the Union find within the dark and disorienting tunnels a person being held captive by a binding ritual from the Circle of Thorns.  Freeing the person, they discover that the prisoner is none other then Diamondskin!  A human Diamondskin!

Returning to Primal Earth, the Union comb through the notes they acquired from that other dimension.  It seems that in that world, the Devouring Earth are the "natural" residents while Humans are the "mindless monsters" bent on killing and replacing the Devouring Earth.  Surely a bizarre reversal of roles!  When Diamondskin was "disintegrated" by a destroyed magical artifact, he was instead transported to this strange dimension.  The accident left him on the verge of death.  The Circle of Thorns discovered the dying Diamondskin and placed him in a healing stasis field in order to save his life.  Seeing his immense power, the Circle wanted to save Diamondskin so he could join them in their war against the Devouring Earth.

Unfortunately, being in a healing trance left them unable to question Diamondskin where he came from.  Seeing the potential of gaining more powerful allies, the Circle needed to question Diamondskin.  Understanding he was from another dimension, the Circle of Thorns sought out Diamondskin's dimensional counterpart in this world.  The Diamondskin of this world turned out to be a Devouring Earth crystal warrior.  In a complex magical ritual, the Circle of Thorns was able to overthrow the Devouring Earth Diamondskin's mind with that of the Primal Earth's mind.  Now with the mind and memory in the creature, the Circle was then able to question Diamondskin and gain the information they needed.

It is not clear what happened after that.  Sometime after that last journal entry something happened that lead to "Diamondskin" to wake up in Primal Faultline with no memory of what happened.  That part in time still remains a mystery.

Now there is the Primal Earth Diamondskin and the Devouring Earth Diamondskin.  DE Diamondskin is in a state of shock, realizing that his life was someone else's and is now unsure where that leaves him for the future.  The Primal Earth Diamondskin is trying to catch up with the events while he was in that healing trance.  Many thing have changed:  Statesman died, Galaxy City destroyed, Sister Psyche killed, and other friends gone.  The immensity of the changes are taking their toll on Diamondskin.

What happens to the two Diamondskins is unknown at the moment.  Seeing the bewilderment of the Devouring Earth Diamondskin, Doctor Spectro invited him to stay at the Kent Building while things get sorted out.  Seeing his life as someone else's, he accepted the invitation until he can figure out what the future holds for him.