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Cato/Sab/etc... take a look at See you there, I hope
Saboteur lives! I've been dabbling on project 1999 for a month now using wineskin. Ahhnoatalgia
Beer, we are in closed alpah testing, and untill they fix a few desyncing issues no more invites will go out, but you can apply so when it opens up again you might get in and join the fun!
Saskoris Project AK up and running in dev?
I miss everyone! i hope all is well
Don't tell them that! We aren't anything heavy. Just a few friendly people and lots of playing room in your favorite zones.
C'mon Hordes we need to see more of ya in there. Far too Destiny heavy :-P
Whats going on Herrah with it?
Think I have it good to go. Guess the username/password stay invalid until some other level of approval?
Auto account activation is in place. I don't see many Hordes in there!
We don't have the auto email registration active yet. So I have to manually activate accounts. All accounts created as of yet have been activated. :-)
Please register there as your known AK or forum name from here.
There is a "fake" Mac server that pops on there. It's not affiliated with us. We just opened a forum. Feel free to register here for current status.
k let me know when we can start testing, saw it on the list but it was locked.
It will have it's own login server. But we are close to a open alpha release.
Herrah is the server up or still working on it? didn't see it on server list
good to hear Herrah, keep us updated. and maybe post some on the FB page?
yea we are working on a server that is as close as possible with some bug fixes as AK once was.
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