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A Random Legion Moment    

Men, Elves, and a Hobbit in Fornost. [Ruthelia]

Men, Elves, and a Hobbit in Fornost. [Ruthelia]

Events (17)
  A shot taken by Ruthelia while helping Aegmor with Book 13.[Ruthelia]
  A trio of trouble makers [Ruthelia]
  A week before we were able to get our kinhouse, we held a rally in it anyways. L to R: Annedhelle, Jeta, Sarissa, Cynaera, Berenauth, Ruse (Commander had back to the camera at that angle) [Cynaera]
  Aegmor & Ruthelia watching the dancers. [Ruthelia]
  Cyn, Sara, Bere, and Anne in flight at the dancing exam. [Ruthelia]
  Cynaera (looking scary), Ruthelia, and Aegmor, pose after celebrating their all guardian victory at the School of Tham Mirdaim in Mirobel, Eregion. [Ruthelia]
  Hobbits at the kinhouse! From L to R: Blippo, Podoc, Saracakes, and Engleberto [Sarawenn]
  Istaion, Aethelu, Ruthelia, Sarathena, Aellwen and Oweyn after their victory at Haudh something-or-other. [Ruthelia]
  It was a tough final battle, but the Legion was Victorious at Annuminas. [Ruthelia]
  Jaelith, Philos, Ruthelia, Jaxsun, Haelras, and Fortinfeldric. [Ruthelia]
  Long ago, in a galaxy, far, far away... [Cynaera]
  Men, Elves, and a Hobbit in Fornost. [Ruthelia]
  Reddas strikes a pose. [Sarawenn]
  The Legion of Gondor Rally lineup.
  Then when fishbones were found, the plan was set to lure the creature at nightfall with tasty fishies [Haelras]
  Victory with our Allies at the Annuminas Tombs! From L to R: Klicer, Ruthelia, Berethon, Sarawenn, Gwenfled, and Furios.[Sarawenn]
  Yes, even Cyneara danced!

Landscapes (7)
  Barad Gularan in Angmar. Cynaera and Ruthelia went on to take out 3 of the 4 known Iron Crown Emissaries.
  Ered Luin
  Statues in the gardens [Berenauth]
  The Gardens of Galadriel [Berenauth]
  The river marking the eastern border of Lorien [Berenauth]
  The waterfall that feeds the gardens of Galadriel [Berenauth]
  Well, i hope you scholars know what this is. [Berenauth]

Legion in Action (8)
  Aegmor, Ruthelia, Cynaera. Three against three, seems fair enough. [Ruthelia]
  In the Heat of Battle in Urugarth
  Jaxsun, Genevra and Ruthelia at the School of Tham Mirdaim in Eregion eye Llygad's chest after defeating him and his minions
  Lord Berenauth "... I left the gas on!"
  The Six of us after we slew that smelly troll in Urugarth
  Who says Rohan and Gondor can't work together? [Cynaera]
  Why i simply hate to train [Ruthelia]

Miscellaneous Images (20)
  *grins!* Since we're on the topic of hobbits, here's little Sararose busily cooking up food from the Hearts Festival. [Sarawenn]
  A Bounders wedding. [Tavarhin]
  A good Omen [Tavarhin]
  I searched far and wide for signs....[Haelras]
  Jamon Neggins, Ruthelia Clovenvael and Philos celebrate after clearing all the Uruk-hai and Orcs from the School of Tham Mirdaim at Mirobel in Eregion [Ruthelia]
  Lexxor, Elhalanor and Ryandir stop for a brief moment near the altar of the Red Maiden
  Mourning the fallen in Lorien
  On one of his many swims in Evendim, Haelras came across an island. Someone has been having too much fun on it!
  Sararose is always on the go! But is she working or up to more mischief? [Sarawenn]
  Sarawenn and Sir Stryve from Grace of the Valar practice after a Red Arrows Party
  Sarawenn's dwarven homestead.
  Sevric looking to Amon Sul
  The Happy couple [Tavarhin]
  The lady of Lorien [Berenauth]
  The Lord of Lorien [Berenauth]
  Then alas, there it appeared. :) [Haelras]
  Time was important, I made haste before the impending nightfall to find this creature [Haelras]
  Victory at the Library! From L to R: Gerren, Sarawenn, and Cuthalwe [Sarawenn]
  Well, where to begin? First of all, never drink too much in the Shire. You wind up in the weirdest places.. [Tavarhin]
  What does Sara see in the mirror?

OOC Images. (2)
  Ruthelia's UI Screenshot.
  Sarawenn's UI Screenshot

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