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What's up?
Dagris 11/21/2014 5:43 PM
apparently the pet off Rags is a 10% drop...I'm not thrilled with that :(
Dagris 11/21/2014 5:42 PM
sweet, thanks Arch. I won't be able to signup on the calendar from work but assume I'm in
Archi 11/21/2014 3:13 PM
I put up calendar invite for MC tonight at 7:30 server
Dagris 11/21/2014 2:36 PM
so what was....not fun last night. Spent 2+hrs in MC in LFR after it opened dying repeatedly. The group -just- finally pulls Ragnaros to finish and the instance server crashes....
Dagris 11/19/2014 9:47 PM
Check that, there's apparently a blue tweet out confirming that lvl 100 rares are daily loot, and that which rares spawn in a day may not always be the same
Dagris 11/19/2014 9:45 PM
Thanks for trying, looking for confirmation that he may be a daily or weekly rare instead of a 1-time like the rest
Archi 11/19/2014 8:08 PM
Checked twice today, he hasn't been up
Dagris 11/19/2014 2:34 PM
Arch, if you get a chance today could you check if Demidos is flagged as rare again? There's a chance he may be a daily reset rare or something
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