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~Welcome everyone, to the Order of the Sword and Rose!~



We are honored to have you here.

We are an Organization of mature gamers with some role play influence who are dedicated to having a good time on DDO by helping each other through team work and information sharing. We seek to provide an organization that is helpful and that maximizes their gaming experience through events, and group activities both on and offline.

Here you will find all the information you need to know about us. From links to helpful sites, a calendar containing Order events, a forum where you can contact everyone or anyone directly, a current member list, a place to keep up-to-date records about your characters, a file to post a complete bio of your character, a place to post your pics from the game, it's all here for you to enjoy.

We call this area the Order's Hall in game. If you are interested in joining us:

1. Contact Hannible, Gypsi, Encroix, Sevon, Cantore, Dirkledaring or Jaxom in-game or through a PM here.
2. Read the Rules of the Order topic in the "Library: Order Guidelines" Forum.
These rules are final and binding.

 Check out the Order's story in The Library: History 
Update your characters for the roster under the "Characters / Settings"
 Add your characters Bio to the forum "The Library: Follower Info and Bios."

We encourage you to visit here often to stay up-to-date with us.

~Order of the Sword and Rose Charter~

We of the Order of the Sword and Rose pledge to provide a place for fellow DDO players on our server to expand their gaming while playing.

We do this by having events, and providing information about the game to our members via this site and in-game.

We are both a light roleplayer's and a game player's Guild.  That is, we give information and assistance to those who simply want to play the game for its content and need help getting through it.

We are also a light roleplaying guild that roleplays our characters through interaction with each other in game.

We also provide a social setting both on this site and in game for our members to interact with one-and-another to enrich through total online communal experience.

We provide the means for you to become notorious both in game and in guild through adventuring and through participation in the guild.

Long Live The Order of the Sword and Rose!!!!

The Order of the Sword and Rose is not affiliated in any way with the European Guild,
The Order of the Sword. 


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