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Aribell Kross
Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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My past is very sad and there area many things I am still discovering. Who my parents are and why was I enslaved? As far back as I can remember I had no parent’s, just "owners." I have only the memories of my mother and father. You see, I was a kidnapped and then enslaved while I was a child (around the age of six). My real parents were killed when a group of hobgoblin raiders attacked the city that I lived in. During the attack the raiders kidnapped women and children. Some of the older children told stories of where we used to live they say it was called "Beregost." Shortly after I turned twelve a group of crusading paladins came and saved us from our doomed lives. After I was rescued from captivity I decided to train to become a paladin, and I pledged my faith to Helm, the faith of the paladins that rescued us. I trained with the group of paladins who saved us and eventually became one. I am now eighteen and embark on my mission to protect and defend those in need of me. My friends Fuji, and Megan have become my companions. We were on a mission from Waterdeep to drive out the evil forces on the Sword Coast when we were transported to the city of “Sigil,” and from there we found our way to Stormreach where we now search for a way home.

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Alignment: Lawful Good Class: Paladin
Level: 15.2 Race: Human
Sub-Class: None Sub-Class 2: None

Awarded Medals: Awarded For Outstanding Contributions to the GuildFor Outstanding Group ParticipationThis medal is awarded to all those who have carried the mantle of Leadership

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