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Mindy Hazelwood
Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Mindy lives in a small farming community of halflings not far from Stormreach. Her family has worked Hazelwood Farm for many generations, and she enjoys farm life. She takes especial pride in her chickens and supplies eggs to several establishments in the city. Mindy is not afraid of conflict, having fought tooth and nail with kobold raiders who try their luck at the farm from time to time. Further, she was brought up on stories of "daring-do" and brave heroes who go off on fantastic adventures. One day she was delivering some chickens and eggs to a local tavern when she got involved (she isn't quite sure how - he was a pretty fast talker) with a noble-looking human who wanted some daggers and other what-not's. Things turned out well, and she got a brand new suit of armor out of the deal. Since then, when she is not working on the farm, she has helped other people in the city, most recently some poor man with a gambling problem who got into trouble with thieves. She's had her share of misadventures too - like the time when she almost died when she took up a roguish guardman on a bet that she could travel on some ill-used road through a sewer, but forgot to bring a lantern and couldn't see her hand in front of her face. Then there was the time when she was fighting a skeleton and couldn't figure out how to get her war hammer that she had been warned to use out and was forced to battle it to the death with throwing knives. Anyway, she is so far enjoying with being a small part (literally) of the Order of the Sword and Rose. Hopefully her duties don't conflict with lambing season or her egg deliveries.

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Alignment: Neutral Good Class: Fighter
Level: 10 Race: Halfling
Sub-Class: None Sub-Class 2: None

Awarded Medals: None

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