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Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Mc Stabby is a mage that is old as the day is long and has forgotten most of his spells. He was retired until that damned coin lord brought him out… “Mc Stabby we need you to help with the monster problem in Stormreach” says the young coin lord “Eh, I’m retired. I did my fighten in that long war and I’m done now.” “If you don’t, we won’t pay your pension and you’ll be kicked out of your home.” “Shut up you whippersnapper and move that giant cranium your blockin my crystal ball. Can’t you see I’m watching Mattwarlock?” After hours of the young coin yapping Mc Stabby finally agrees to go to Stormreach. But upon getting there he realizes that he forgot his bags on the dock and the names of the coin lords he’s supposed to meet with. On top of that he can only remember two of his spells, its past nap time and he’s missing Mattwarlock. All of this is somewhat making him cranky. Mc Stabby is old (especially for a human). Because of this he seems to be somewhat chaotic in his thinking, making apt to wondering off, crankiness, stopping for what seems no apparent reason. Picture if you will the wizard from Conan crossed with Grandpa Simpson with a dash of attitude.

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Character Stats
Alignment: Chaotic Good Class: Sorcerer
Level: 2 Race: Human
Sub-Class: None Sub-Class 2: None

Awarded Medals: None

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