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Elshann Arenssen
Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Elshann (Shanie for friends) looks to be about 19, 5'7 tall, fit but not overly muscular. She would be fairly good-looking (by human standards anyway) if not for an old scar that crosses her cheek. It doesn't seem to bother her much though. Her demeanor is generally friendly and she is rather curious about others' stories and local lore. At first, she may seem shy, but stands her ground if challenged. Elshann is a ranger from Eldeen Reaches, raised by a druidic sect. The village she was born in suffered an attack by a band from Breland when Shanie was only 8, and was destroyed in the process. Some of the villagers were killed, others fled, some taken prisoner; Shanie was wounded in the face and was left for dead. She believes that her family is alive and the only reason they didn't find her is because they must think her dead. The village was never rebuilt, so they must have settled elsewhere; she couldn't find them, but that didn't ruin her belief. Even though she misses her family and would be beyond happy to see them again, she isn't bitter; being brought up among druids who preach being one with the world certainly had its effect on her. She came to Stormreach because she heard from a traveling ranger that he met a man named Kory Arenssen, who planned to go to Xen'drik. Elshann's mentors decided it would be good for her to see the world beyond the Eldeen Reaches in general, and if she found her family, all the better. They sent her off on one condition - that she doesn't abandon her duties, namely, ridding the world of various abominations that don't belong here. After her arrival she found out that apparently, he made it to the city, but it is unclear what happened afterwards, so she decided to stay and see if she can find out more.

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Alignment: Neutral Class: Ranger
Level: 5 Race: Human
Sub-Class: None Sub-Class 2: None

Awarded Medals: None

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