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Pau Paratoda'Obra
Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Pao! His name says it all, literally like the Brazilian Portuguese expression, Wood for every type of Construction, this Halfling can do it all, well just about, or he dies trying, lol; Yes sir, Jack of All Trades, and Expert of none, though often times better than Expert of one. Although born and raised in Karrnath, Pau spent a good part of his life in the Talenta Plains of Khorvaire, among third generation siblings, learning to survive on his own. The plains helped shape his endurance and resistance to common outdoor hazards. In his younger years he traveled and settled on the city of towers, Sharn, where he picked up various skills from different professions, and trained among very skilled rangers and rogues of the renowned city. He now has traveled across the Thunder Sea to Xendrick, and is currently based out of the city of Stormreach. Fond of learning, wine and traveling with a restless soul, he loves discovering new areas and is always yearning for new places to see and evil creatures to thwart.

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Character Stats
Alignment: Lawful Good Class: Ranger
Level: 16 Race: Halfling
Sub-Class: Rogue Sub-Class 2: Paladin

Awarded Medals: Awarded For Outstanding Contributions to the GuildFor Outstanding Group Participation

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