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Gorbakus Lichbane (Tryxtr)
Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Father of Twin Daughters Iolani and Briolani, Gorbakus lost his wife Noelani (the twins' mother) to a Lich shortly after the end of the last war. Upon her death, the family left Valenar for Stormreach to seek vengeance upon the Lich who was rumored to be heading there. One day while searching for him, they came upon a beautiful Bard who had the most amazing voice they had heard since leaving the elf homeland. Captivated by her voice and looks Gorbakus promptly introduced himself and the two quickly became inseparable. The daughters took to her as well. Bri has even taken to calling her mom! Gorbakus took this as a sign and asked Cearyn to marry him. Cearyn, while somewhat shocked, immediately replied “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The next day in a small Silver Flame ceremony performed by the Priestess Kierstyn ThornShadow, Gorbakus, Cearyn and the twins took the name Lichbane in honor of their quest to slay Noelani’s killer. Cearyn was proud and eager to join her new family in their vengeance quest, knowing that until they destroy the Lich, they can never truly put Noelani to rest in their hearts, and she does not want to share Gorb’s heart with a memory. Thus the Lichbanes and friends battle evil in and around Stormreach and together have been turning the undead into the truly dead in hopes they will someday lead them to the Lich. Gorbakus also lost his pet, a GIANT Blue & Black Striped Saber-Tooth Xen'drikan Jungle Cat named Gorgo. Io and Bri really miss riding around on him and tickling his belly! On the way to Stormreach Gorgo saw a shark in the water and well, you know how cats love fish food, long story short he got lost, but is not dead yet as Gorb’s telepathic link hasn't been severed. Gorb put in a request to the Amazing Artificers of the clan Turbine in the hopes they will find Gorgo and all the other Ranger Pets before the year is out. Should any who read this have any interaction with the Turbine clan, please petition them on Gorb’s behalf and that of all goodly Rangers of Stormreach! ;)

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Character Stats
Alignment: Lawful Good Class: Ranger
Level: 4 (2/2) Race: Elf
Sub-Class: Paladin Sub-Class 2: None

Awarded Medals: None

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