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Tryxtr DeathWalker
Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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If your full name was Tryxtryllyanatofallyt'Terminyxtr most people would just call you Tryxtr as well. Tryxtr is a fierce and sneaky warrior of the DeathWalker clan. The DeathWalkers are the most feared of the Drow clans in Xen'drik and are only awarded by Nyx to leaders who have proven they Walk with Death with No Fear on a regular basis. Tryxtr is very playful and loves to Sneak up and Pounce his friends! And strangers are only friends he has not yet met, so watch out. ;) ...Or perhaps Tryxtr's jocularity and friendly demeanor is a cover for a more sinister plot. Perhaps Tryxtr is the DeathWalker's advanced scout and the clan has plans for Stormreach. It is whispered by some that Tryxtr is actually Vulk n'tash (a Scorpion Wraith Warrior blessed by Vulkoor). A much more powerful warrior than he appears. Tryxtr's rapidly developing skills support this rumor. The Truth of the matter remains to be seen. Tryxtr's Pouncing however is amazingly athletic for one of his purported experience. ;)

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Character Stats
Alignment: Chaotic Good Class: Rogue
Level: 13 (7/6) Race: Drow
Sub-Class: Fighter Sub-Class 2: None

Awarded Medals: This medal is awarded to those who distinguish themselves as outstanding Role Players

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