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Shriak Nor
Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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Character Name: Shriak Nor
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Class: Monk
Birthplace: The small, unnamed sandbar / island mentioned in the other post. (See link in bio)

Rank in Organization: None Yet.

Profession(s): Professional Pie Maker, Humanitarian, Teacher and Student of Enlightenment

Special Skills: Can make a delicious pie, especially blueberry. He often uses fists of light and healing Ki to aid others in his group, as well as lightning and water attacks. However, he is adaptable and will change tactics without warning if he thinks it will improve the odds of survival.

Main Weapon Used: Fists

Off Weapons: More Fists

Range Weapon: Shuriken

Alignment: Lawful Good

Likes: Pie, Especially Blueberry Pie

Dislikes: Those that say bad things about pie.

Personality: Caring, easy going, a bit hyper, extremely curious, and brave. He is extremely patient and doesn't seem to let most things bother him. (except when people talk badly about pie)

Quirks: He will loyally defend those he calls friend, even if it means his own death. Obsesses over pie. He is often flighty in everything he does, from exploring, to talking with others, often changing topics in the middle of a conversation. Most other monks see this as a lack of discipline. In some cases they are correct, as he is still a student as well as his own teacher. However, when he sets his mind to something, like rescuing someone in trouble, he won't ever give up.
Characteristics: Blue Hair, Jorasco Dragon Mark

Family: None left alive. Friends: None left alive. (He is slow to call someone a friend, but when he does it's for life.)

Allies: Those whom champion right and good. Enemies: Boat crushing dragons, pie thieves. Spouse: None yet.

Faith: Pie!

A Quote:
"Sniff the pie."
"Taste the pie."
"Nom the pie."
"Be one with the pie."

Back Story:
As written in the initial letter. in this post.

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Awarded Medals: None

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