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Welcome to DARK ARMADA
On the Bristlebane server

We are a family oriented/Progression guild.  We are a guild that understands real life obligations/family and that not everyone can live on EQ. We are a place where you can still advance in and continuing to advance your character. We are a guild where you will get to see the end game, we just want to keep the game exciting/personal and fun.

If you are interested in joing our guild the  First thing you should do is READ THE RULES !! Then feel free to post in our recruitment forum thank you.

Raid Rules

Don't forget to register with guildportal to have full access to our web page or you are missing out on a lot of information!


Big Move

cyriuss, Oct 18, 12 12:48 PM.
Big Changes. I have made a New Guild called Dark Tempest. All lvl 65+ DA members who would like to join us in Dark Tempest are welcome to. Any one moving from DA to Dark Tempest will keep their rank. To join just shoot me a tell in game or sign up at our web site =

I made this guild to clean up DA and for high levels only. Have to be 65+ to join. The other reason I made this guild was to get all our people who are playing a chance to make new friends and get more people who are playing regularly.

Note  Team Speak 3 that was DA is now Dark Tempest.  If you are trying to connect to it with DA's server address it will not work now! The new server address is for Dark Tempset  and Dark Armada to use is  under Members only in the Dark Armada web site.   If you have any problems with Team Speak 3 please get ahold of Cyriuss or Rowdden and will help you fix it thanks....  Cyriuss

new Teamspeak3

cyriuss, Jan 13, 12 7:24 PM.
TeamSpeak 3 client   WE have a new team speak server now.  It is flexible, powerful, scalable software which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet. If you need any help installing or setup the softwere please contact Cyriss or Rowdden in game and will help you. An install the right  one 32bit or 64bit.
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