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Illidan (PvP)
Heroic General Nazgrim


Welcome to Out of Ashes!

Formed out of a disbanded guild by three strangers in February 2006, Out of Ashes has relatively long history in terms of WoW's existence.  Throughout this history the guild has morphed and changed, but has always tried to keep one thing at the top of the list.... treat people how you would like to be treated (a.k.a. the Golden Rule).  For most of us OoA is our WoW home and we are a family, and just as IRL we expect respect and kindness while in our house.

We currently run one 10-man raid on Tuesday, Thursday and Monday evenings from 8:30 - 11:30 CST, but are planning to expand our roster back to 20-man for Mythic raiding.  We expect a dedicated raider to at the very least bring two specs to our raiding team, and preferably two toons. Our focus is team flexibility, performance and success!

Our loot is distributed on a "Need if you need" system with the expectation that people are looking out for the raiding team as a whole, and not just themselves.
If you feel this mindset is for you and should you be interested in joining us, please click on the Recruitment & Application link and read it over.  Thanks for stopping by!

Guild Master
Out of Ashes
Mists Progression
Siege of Orgrimmar (7/14H)
+ Immerseus
     Normal, Heroic
+ Fallen Protectors
     Normal, Heroic
+ Norushen
     Normal, Heroic
+ Sha of Pride
     Normal, Heroic
+ Galakras
     Normal, Heroic
+ Iron Juggernaut
     Normal, Heroic
+ Kor'kron Dark Shaman
     Normal, Heroic
+ General Nazgrim
     Normal, Heroic
+ Malkorok
     Normal, Heroic
+ Spoils of Pandaria
     Normal, Heroic
+ Thok the Bloodthirsty
     Normal, Heroic
+ Siegecrafter Blackfuse
     Normal, Heroic
+ Paragons of the Klaxxi
     Normal, Heroic
+ Garrosh Hellscream
     Normal, Heroic
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