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New Patch Message

, Jun 12, 02 8:15 AM.
June 12th, 2002 ------------------------------ ** NPC Spell Caster Changes ** - NPCs are now bound by spell casting distance rules, meaning that an NPC's spell will no longer connect from halfway across the zone - NPCs now have a chance to be interrupted by normal combat when casting newer spells - NPCs that are much lower level than their target have had their potential casting damage reduced using a similar mechanic to the one that player characters' level differences use - NPC Wizards no longer have an inherent bonus to their fire and cold based spells - Most NPCs that had previously had their spellcasting level inflated to make up for poor spell selection have been brought back into line with their actual level - NPCs no longer automatically get free access to rarely dropped spells, such as Garrison's Superior Sundering and Funeral Pyre of Kelador. ** Spells ** - True North now works while on horseback - "Harmonize" songs should now last 12 minutes - PC Enchanters will always resist their own single-target mesmerization spells. - Player characters will no longer use mana on targeted spell casts that do not connect due to Line of Sight - The Bind/Cast Sight line of spells now works as it used to. You do not need to have line of sight to your target to use this spell. - The sight effects granted by illusions should now remain when someone with permanent illusion zones ** Items ** - Stanos' Pouch has had its charges increased to 20 - Blessed Knight's Mask is now tradable - Mask of the Grimling Hunter is now wearable - Faun Flute is now usable by Vah Shir - Shrouded Boots are now magical - Pickbringers Chainmail is now usable by Gnomes - Acrylia Reinforced Armor is now usable by short races - Crystal Chitin Leggings can now be used by rogues - Sacred Grimling Fishing Spear can now be used by all rogue races and can no longer be used by bards - Dark Animist Gloves can now be used by Vah Shir - Kylong Chestplate can now be used by Rangers, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes - All Kylong armor is now usable by Vah Shir, Barbarians, Trolls and Ogres - Marr's Sustenance should provide the proper effect now - Shadowhaven Faction Amulet should be more useful now - Wind Spirits armor can now be worn by Half Elf bards ** Pets ** - Familiars and Warders will once again disappear when their buff is clicked off - Restored the range limit on /pet attack - '/pet notaunt' and '/pet no taunt' turn taunt off - '/pet taunt off' turns it off as well - '/pet taunt on' turns taunt on instead of toggling it NOTE: '/pet taunt' still toggles taunt as it did before - '/pet health report' reports a pet's health - '/pet health' also reports a pet's health - '/pet stand' causes the pet to stand up - '/pet sit' causes the pet to sit down ** Quests ** - Loremaster Borannin should be responding properly again ** Trade Skills ** - Improved many of the smithed Acrylia items - Large Blocks, Blocks, and Small Blocks of Magic Clay are now stackable - Brick of Deathsteel Ore is now stackable - Several blacksmithed cultural armor set pieces have received a slight improvement to their armor class. - Tarnished and Fine Steel Weapons may now be recycled into ore by placing them into a forge with a water flask. ** Miscellaneous ** - Resurrection timers have been fixed, they count down as normal - NPCs that began regenerating too fast after the last patch have been fixed - The EverQuest Live Team

Quests and EQ Updates

, Apr 26, 02 11:06 AM.
WOOT! Verant finaly said that they were going to fix some quest which have been broken for a while, one that I have been trying to complete, the Qeynos Badge of honor. Here is the post on about the changes that will go live on the next patch. Also, so see a walkthrough on the qeynos badge of honor visit our Quests Section here in our new site. Also, the HECK news page has some updates on what loot we have from TOV and some dragons we manged to slay. You can checking that here HECK news Page
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