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Welcome to the Swamp
              Welcome to the Bog Brigade! 
Bog Brigade is an evil based guild we started as evil only so those forsaken souls would have a home, but have since branched out and now except any race there has never been a lvl requirement and will never be we can always use more brothers and sisters,  We are a family oriented guild who focuses on helping others, we fallow the golden rule do unto others as you would have them do to you respect is one of the most important things to the bog so if your looking for a fun guild you have found us , Lucc Starstrider bog guildleader 

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California fires continue to affect SOE

538195850_Inactive, Oct 23, 07 9:09 AM.

As the fires rage in San Diego County, the SOE Staff has been asked to stay home. According to Absor, who posted to the EQLive forums yesterday, apparently there is no way to check on the safety of all the staff members, as residents have been asked to stay off cell phones to leave the lines clear for emergency communications.

Absor wrote to the community:

"I don't normally ask you all to forgive our problems, but right now it appears that I have to.

We were asked not to go to the office today. The fires going on in the San Diego area are very extensive. In fact, I'm not at all sure I could reach the office from here right now. The 15 freeway is closed. It's hard to tell exactly where these fires are burning, but there are at least of them going in the area right now, one has burned more than 20,000 acres and it threatening or has already destroyed many homes.

I highly doubt we will be in the office tomorrow either."

The news is still grim:

"Thousands more residents were ordered to evacuate their homes Tuesday, bringing the number of people chased away by the wind-whipped flames that have engulfed Southern California to at least 270,000.

The dozen wildfires have burned more than 700 homes and set 245,957 acres — 384 square miles — ablaze, and the destruction may only be the start for the region. Tuesday's forecast called for hotter temperatures and more explosive Santa Ana gusts.

At least 250,000 in San Diego alone were told to leave. Public schools were closed, as were campuses at the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University.

In the northern part of the county, 500 homes and 100 businesses had been destroyed as a wildfire exploded to 145,000 acres and marched toward the Pacific Coast enclave of Del Mar, forcing a partial evacuation.

The fires have been made worse by fierce Santa Ana winds. The winds — which sweep through Southern California's canyons in fall and winter — are stronger than normal, turning already parched scrubland into tinder. They generated walls of flame that bore down on housing developments in a wide swath."

-- Kwill @ 6:27AM Tue 23 Oct 2007

Guild Member family emergency

538204049_Inactive, Oct 11, 06 1:03 PM.
Most of you know that my (Tierdahl) IRL Mother has been undergoing treatment for Leukemia;  the original results after chemo showed that she no evidence of cancer cells left in her bone marrow, HOWEVER...she has developed pneumonia, and with her immune system knocked out by the chemo, is not expected to survive.  Please keep our family in your prayers,  I am headed to Tucson Sunday to have what I pray is not my last visit with Mom.  If you can donate blood, please do, the blood banks are always short, and she required over 60 pints in the last two months.

Tierdahl, aka Bill

new ally

duncin macleod, Sep 22, 06 7:08 PM.
WE have now join allied with Circle Of Brothers
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