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Tichondrius (PvP)
Welcome to the Twilight Knights!

Founded on
Blackwing Lair

Moved to Tichondrius


 We are a community that seeks to gain the most from the WoW experience.  Many of our toons are max level, but we also have alts and members who are at various stages of leveling.  While we do raid, participate in PvP and help with leveling, it is not our focus.  Our members are free to do as they wish, as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.  We treat each other with respect and help one another when we can.


We do not tolerate racism or elitism in any fashion.  While we are competitive and are proud of what we have, we do not trash other people’s skill, gear or class for the sake of amusement.  We open our arms to new members, but are careful to ensure new arrivals fit well into our community.  Our growth is natural, and we avoid open recruitment, as our community make up is more important than our numbers. 


We are quick to help a member, but that is of one’s own volition.  Help is a gift, not something that is expected or required.  We do not beg each other for gold or items, and do not repeatedly ask to be run through instances.


Since we are a family guild, and many members feel safe in letting their children join in the fun, language is controlled at all times.  We are mature in both attitude, and in the sense that we were the longest running guild on BWL.  We are not however, a playground.  Our children do not run wild, but are well behaved and could give lessons of conduct to many that troll our server.   


We are visible in the Tichondrius community, and as such, watch what we say in public chat and on the realm forums.  The actions of one reflect back upon our guild as a whole, so we take this very seriously.  The flaming is left to others.


Other Guild News

TK > Eight Legged Freaks

Maxrevnu, Jan 4, 09 9:23 PM.
Gratz to the TK raiding team on their first clearing the Arachnid Quarter in Naxx.

3 bosses, 3 chests!

Maxrevnu, Aug 4, 08 1:02 PM.
Gratz to the TK raiding team.  Last Saturday night they succesfully downed three bosses in the timed event!  This is a guild first.  There is still work to be done, but the fourth chest (bear mount) is in sight.

TK does not bow to no "fang and claw"

Maxrevnu, Jul 10, 08 11:56 AM.
Gratz to the TK raiding team on their first kill of Halazzi, the fourth animal boss in ZA.  He does a massive cleave for 50K damage split between two tanks, however our healers were up to the challenge and able to keep us alive ....  while Halazzi was no match for the steady stream of DPS that took him down.  Well done all!


TK "got to work on dem eggs"

Maxrevnu, Jun 15, 08 8:26 AM.
Gratz to the TK raiding team for the first kill of Jan'alai!  It took awhile to get the eggs under control, but once done, the boss fell in no time.  Excellent job!


AV Slugfest!

Maxrevnu, Jun 7, 08 9:41 AM.

Thanks to all who showed up to smack the horde around in AV.  We had upwards of 14 people who joined the fun.  Good times!



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