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"I wanna be a Ranger with a pet and FD like a Monk, heal like a Cleric, mez like an Enc, port like a Dru, buff like a Shammy :)"

- Faithorn
Qeynos Guardians' Allies
Welcome to Qeynos Guardians!

        Qeynos Guardians is a Family-oriented guild on the Rathe (Karana) server dedicated to friendship, honor, and having fun with our EverQuest family. We pride ourselves on being good players who actively group and raid together and are always willing to help a friend in need. We stand united to accomplish our goals and succeed through team work and companionship.

        If you are a new member who needs to register for access to the site, sign up for a Guild Portal account and apply to us. See the "New User?" guide to the left if you are having trouble. If you are a friend to Qeynos Guardians, please take the time to say hello and consider joining this most noble and honorable group of friends that love to hunt and raid together.
Guardians' News

Congratulations, Faaru!

Larist, Mar 15, 10 11:17 AM.
Please welcome Faaru as your new Co-Leader!  You may also know her as Litalspirit or Renewal as she is a player of many talents.  She has been a solid presence in QG for many years.  She's smart and savvy and will do a great job!  Congratulations, Faaru!

Changes for QG

Larist, Feb 14, 10 9:07 AM.
You may have noticed lately that several QG members (including officers) have joined up with Scarlet Phoenix.  We are still maintaining alts in QG and are able to access the spell vaults for you.  However, we know it must be very inconvenient to have no officers online.  Therefore, we ask are there any among you would like to take on the mantle of officer and work to keep QG's family environment going?  People who are most frequently online would be the best candidates.

Alternatively, if you have an interest in moving on to SP with us, contact Jajunk in game and I"ll help you determine if you can meet their requirements and speak up for you as you apply.  We don't want to recruit from QG, but simply provide an option to those that want one.  They are a non-mandatory raiding guild that raids Mon-Fri.  The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

Jajunk's Quest of the Month - February 2010 - The Binden Concerrentia

Larist, Feb 2, 10 3:35 PM.
February's quest of the month is for the die-hard questers or anyone really bored.  It's not difficult, but it can take some time to collect all the pieces to make The Binden Concerrentia.  This item, along with a crafted Quintessence of Knowledge, provides a gate to PoK.

See the Strategy Guides forum for more info.

Zoning to Plane of Knowledge

Larist, Jan 23, 10 1:16 PM.
Several people have reported problems zoning into Plane of Knowledge from the Guild Lobby.  I'm sure Sony will fix this at some point, but in the meantime there is a way around.  Simply say "test subject" to Sage Vonglor right at the zone.  I usually don't advise talking to strange gnomes, but he'll get you to PoK.
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