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Guild News

Rafale Becomes a Phoenix Knight!

536883759_Inactive, Nov 26, 06 1:41 PM.
After hard fighting inside the Labyrinth and near Dun Crauchon and Caer Benowyc this week, Rafale was recognised by the Crown as a Phoenix Knight.  Please congratulate her on this hardwon accomplishment!

Sulaymaan Achieves Phoenix Knight Stature!

536883759_Inactive, Nov 17, 06 12:06 AM.
Please congratulate Sulaymaan on being dubbed a Phoenix Knight for his efforts in the frontier.  His vigilance is an example to us all.

Well done!  God save the King!

Sangreal Surpasses Ten Million Glory!

536883759_Inactive, Aug 8, 06 9:48 AM.
Sangreal surpassed ten million glory last night whilst members of the guild defended Albion's frontier.  Well done!

Sister Escalla Joins the Ranks of Sangreal's Eagle Knights!

536883759_Inactive, Jul 9, 06 6:41 PM.
Whilst assisting Albion's army in its efforts to return the Staff of Merlin to its shrine, Sister Escalla earned Eagle Knight stature.  Please congratulate her on this achievement and her commitment to defence of the realm!

Rafale Recognised as an Eagle Knight!

536883759_Inactive, Jul 8, 06 9:13 AM.
Rafale earned Eagle Knight stature last night in battle with Hibernia.  Please congratulate her on this great achievement.  Well done, Rafale!
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