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Congrats KOH!
Sep 22, 02 10:38 AM

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Grats Melodious!!!

, Mar 26, 03 1:30 PM.
Grats to Melodious on 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet another person beats Silki to 50 =P

New Alliance

, Mar 19, 03 12:29 PM.
The Knights of Hibernia have left the Fallen Angels Alliance and moved to the Allaidh B'uir Alliance. Our new fellow alliance guilds consist of Allaidh B'uir and Legion of Lions. In other news, Silki is still a lvl 49 n00b =P

Events This Saturday (3/1/03)

, Feb 27, 03 1:27 PM.
There will be a dragon raid this saturday at 4:00pm EST, follwed by a Galladoria raid right afterward. Events are pretty much for lvl 40+, check out the events page for more info about the raid.

Congrats Laom!!!

, Feb 3, 03 2:33 PM.
Congrats to Laomhnane on 50!!!

KOH News Update

, Dec 11, 02 9:27 AM.
Sorry I haven't been updating the site too much recently, but because of that there is plenty of news to report. For starters, a big grats to us all for breaking the 3 million Guild RP mark!!! This is pretty old news, since we are already about halfway to the 4 mil mark, but it is still a huge accomplishment and definetly worthy of note and praise. Also some individual grats go out to Aelfwine for knocking the mighty commander from the top and taking the new lead in highest total RP in the guild. Grats also to Thinker for becoming the third KOH Raven Ardent, and Stonetiger for attaining Grove Protector. I also want to congrat everyone for all the leveling they have been doing, there are too many to list to congrats you all individually, but if even Silki leveled, than everyone else must have done so several times. =P A few website updates... There is a new map link in the map links sections (who would have thought to put it there? =P) to a map of the Hybrasil, the new SI areas. The map is pretty crude, just gives a general overview of where towns and dungeons are, but it is still work looking at. Also make sure to check out the voting section, 2 new polls are up. Beast of the Week voting has returned, as well as another poll called "Who will be the next lvl 50" Also, check out the new comments feature of guildportal, it lets you leave litle minipost like remarks on certain things.
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